Sikh cab driver offers help to Manchester attack victims, check what pseudo secular media called him to appease minorities!

If you thought that only the Indian Media was biased, you’re wrong. BBC, CNN and a host of other international channels & newspapers claimed that the surgical strikes carried out successfully by the Indian Army, never happened. The Foreign media is very biased and that was one of the primary reasons for them to target US President Donald Trump.

The Manchester terror attacks left 22 dead & several others injured. Sikh Drivers from India were making the nation proud as they were offering free service to the needy. This was a great service to humanity. They were appreciated by some news websites, but a selective few foreign magazines & newspapers decided to present the story in a different manner.

Cosmopolitan & independent.co.uk  presented concocted versions of the story. It was evident that Sikh drivers would be glorified, but the ‘credit’ would be changed. Frankly speaking the Sikh drivers did a great service to the needy people around. But to be identified as someone else, was not something that anyone would have expected.

Let’s look at a few tweets below. You will find out how the Pseudo-liberal and pseudo-secular foreign media (not that the Indian media is not capable of doing such things, we always have NDTV) carefully ‘edit’ true stories.

This Taxi driver deserves all the praise.

The Sikh Man was happy to oblige, as he felt that the Sikh cab driver’s great gesture should not go unnoticed.

Kahaani Mein Twist

Cosmopolitan has just been renamed. It’ll be called ‘chameleon’ from now. Not lagging behind was British online newspaper, The Independent that came up with a similar story.

We live in a world where there are too many news ‘sellers’. Shame on these newspapers and magazines for not keeping up with their professional ethics.

Cosmopolitan has already deleted that tweet. British online newspaper Independent is happily selling the news. “Honesty is a very expensive gift, you can’t expect it from cheap people.”

Alok Shetty