True face of liberals getting exposed, only this time sources are from Pakistan

Last week was very eventful. Article 370 was finally put to rest and many famous journalists and intellectual have lost their sleep about it.

Pakistan has been visibly shaken and it is touring the world in search of support for their propaganda of unrest in Kashmir. Alas they have been snubbed by world leaders, except the Indian National Congress. To such an extent that their opinions are in resonance with that of Pakistan’s.

Monday, on 12th August a video went viral.

former Pakistani High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit says that he had convinced columnist Shobha De to write an article asking for self-determination in Kashmir.

In  this interview to a Pak blogger, Basit says it was a challenge for him to find an Indian journalist in ‘mainland India’ who could write an article in a mainstream newspaper after Burhan Wani had met his end at the hands of Indian army.

Just to brush up memory,

Burhan Wani was a militant. In a gun battle with Indian armed forces, our jawans eliminated him.

Engaging thing is his death was equated to ‘martyrdom’ and our liberals made sure to call him an intelligent, smart misguided truth. Following screen shots are of articles published by BBC.

The words chosen clearly depict their affinity towards these militants causing unrest in Kashmir. These reports ‘poured ghee in already burning Kashmir’

Abdul Basit goes on to say that Shobha De’s article was met with such fury that she didn’t step out in public for two months. He also said that India had more freedom of speech, pointing out the debates saying he was very ‘impressed’ by Shashi Tharoor and Manish Tewari’s speeches.

The article Basit was referring to was written by De on July 17, 2016. It is titled ‘Burhan Wani is dead but he’ll live on till we find out what Kashmir really wants’.

In her article Shobha de writes in the end: “Kashmir is a love story. A dream. A fantasy. Kashmir is a poem… an elegy. Why shatter its pristine beauty with ugly politics? Why not display enough moral courage, and talk? Let sane voices prevail over lethal bullets. Tough. But not impossible. Let’s see if the present government has the guts to go ahead with a referendum to resolve the Kashmir crisis once and for all. Let’s end the lingering pain in the region and allow Kashmiris to live in peace, with the dignity and harmony they are entitled to.”

She refers to encounter of a militant as ugly politics. Open heart and peace talks with militants when they bomb and kill our soldiers??! It was obvious she received backlash.

Replying to Abdul Basit, she called it an attempt to ‘discredit her and India’, pointing out that she had written her article in 2016 before she even met Basit. She also said: “I am a proud and patriotic Indian. I am deeply insulted he would say it about that about a person who has built a career on credibility.”

Let us see few sample from this proud Indian. She had been infamous in social media for her hindu hatred.

This is not the first time revelations of true face of our intellectuals and journalists are happening. We should remember in 2016 international terrorist and Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed had praised Indian journalist Barkha Dutt and praised her work. But This time an ex-Pakistani bureaucrat has named an Indian journalist in this context.

Are these people not as good as terrorists?they speak, in support of Break India forces yet cry of suppression of freedom of expression. A militant with gun can be faced easily, eliminating them is not a task for our brave army, eliminating these intellectual terrorists is what urgently need to be done.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth