Is it true that Lord Krishna’s heart is still burning somewhere on Earth?

The burning heart of Lord Krishna still resides in this place within India!

For those who want to believe, the world is full of miracles and enchantments. In a country like India, where reasons and beliefs coexist, miraculous experiences are never a new thing. We have a grand old heritage that has left behind for us a series of experiences that seem unreasonable for the rest of the world, but they’re not even surprising for us, having grown up with splendid instances and experiences deep rooted in the heritage.

A strange yet intense theory exists within the spiritual sphere of India that comes from our understanding of the Mahabharata. It is said that Lord Krishna was cursed to see a really unpleasant end by Gandhari, who was devastated by the death of her 100 sons at the war of Kurushetra. Krishna was cursed to meet an end that he would loathe to face, which would annihilate not just his legacy but also his entire Yadava dynasty and kingdom. When the time came, which was after 36 years of the Kurukshetra war, Lord Krishna tried his best to save his people from annihilation but did not succeed much. He faced an unpredicted death in the hands of a hunter who shot an arrow on his feet assuming it was a deer’s ear.

When Arjuna arrived in a hope to take Lord Krishna along with him, he found only the Lord’s mortal remains on a log where he had let go of his form. While some interpretations of the legend state that the hunter who killed Lord Krishna cremated him on that very log, a few others state that it was done by Arjuna. Regardless, the mortal remains of Lord Krishna that burned where let go over a flowing river, but his heart remained. It is said, that Lord Krishna’s heart refused to burn and sustained itself for a long time in the form of molten iron, before it condensed to form a iron lump. It stayed afloat on the river for years, until a ruler from the Kali Yuga happened to discover it and establish a proper abode for the burning heart at Jagannatha Puri.

It is recorded in heritage that King Indradimna, who once ruled the empire of Puri dreamt of a floating log, which he traced down on a seashore in reality. When he discovered that the log was in fact the same one on which Lord Krishna’s mortal remains was cremated, it was also revealed that the burning heart was still incorporated within the log. It is said that the famous Jagannatha Puri temple was built by him for the establishment of this divine discovery. Even today, the great legacy of Lord Krishna’s burning heart residing within the wooden statue of Jagannatha Puri is believed by each and every devotee. For those who do not want to keep faith, the unexplainable mysteries associated with the temple of Puri are an answer in themselves.

The temple of Jagannatha Puri is one of the most spiritually active places in the country. The idol within the sanctum sanctorum is changed every 12 years, but as that is done, the Head Priest remains blindfolded. No one else is allowed to witness the process, and it is also said that the entire city shall endure load shedding for an hour! There are other surprising features of the temple such as prasadam being cooked on seven pots placed over each other, and the top-most pot cooks first! Also, the grand chariot does not move an inch without a ritual named ‘Chera Pahanra’ being performed.

Also, the flag on top of the temple is always noted to fly in the opposite direction of the wind. The flag is changed each day by a priest who climbs a height of 45 storeys to accomplish the task; which is being done every single day since 1800 years! The ocean lies extremely close to the temple, yet does not disturb the temple even a bit. The architecture of the temple is so intense and complex that the messages within stones are not even attempted to be deciphered. The temple stands tall, firm and strong over the faith of millions of devotees who believe that the burning heart of Lord Krishna is what resides within the idol.

Legacies like this, and the evidences that stand strong to validate the legacies make India a country of wonders. Again, for those who want to believe; the ancient Indian heritage never fails to surprise us.

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Ashwini Jain