Is it true that Shashi Tharoor spent 3 nights with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar? Who else are involved with Mehr Tarar in this new twist of Sunanda’s murder?

The richest temple of the world, Padmanabhaswamy Temple which mesmerizes every devotee is situated in Kerala. Few years ago, the temple had grabbed the world’s attention after unimaginable quantity of treasure was discovered.

The temple is situated in Thiruvananthapuram which is Congress senior leader Shashi Taroor’s constituency. Now why is his name linked with the temple which is popular worldwide? Well, aren’t we aware of the mafia which has always focused its eyes on India’s antiques? When the world was busy wrapping itself in leaves, India was cruising ahead in every possible field. So it is obvious that India has the best antiques worldwide.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple didn’t fail to grab the mafia’s attention. So they however wanted to take away the ornaments worth in crores. But how can they do it without any insider’s hand? That’s when Shashi Taroor came into the picture.

Why all these suspicions have arised?

There were several allegations form years that the temple ornaments are missing. In 2009, a retired IPS officer, the late T.P. Sundar Rajan, filed a petition in the Kerala High Court, alleging mismanagement of the temple’s assets. The retired officer also sought a takeover of the shrine by the state government. The HC accepted the plea and directed constitution of a panel to manage the temple.

We cannot ignore the fact that Shashi Taroor won the Thiruvananthapuram constituency in 2009 and 2014. What shocks more is that Shashi Taroor had spent 3 nights with the Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar in Dubai.

Yes, this is really shocking because Taroor was married to Sunanda when he spent 3 nights with Mehr Tarar in Dubai. So this itself makes it clear that there was something big going on between Taroor of Congress and unknown faces of international mafia.

From day one, every single individual had suspicion on Sunanda’s death. Sunanda had a spat with Mehr Tarar on Twitter a day before her death. But Sunanda’s body was found in mysterious conditions on 17 January 2014 and later on it was even revealed that her body was shifted from No. 307 to No. 345. If it was a natural death, why did Mr. Taroor tried to divert the investigation?

It was also exposed that Sunanda wanted to talk to the media with the sole intension of exposing Shahi Taroor.  “I’m going to expose Shashi for what he’s put me through. I will take him down.” This was said by her to a journalist.

Mr Shashi and IPL scam

The IPL controversy had broken out in early 2010 when Tharoor was Minister of State for External Affairs. There were allegations that he had “misused” his office to ensure that Rs 70 crore, which was equivalent to 19 per cent equity in IPL Kochi franchise Rendezvous Sports World Pvt Ltd (RSWPL), was paid to Sunanda – his late wife. Later he was forced to resign as he was unable to prove that he didn’t involve in any irregularities.

So, was Sunanda about to expose the irregularities done by Tharoor in IPL? If he was not a culprit then why did he resign?

Have a look at the questions posed by “Republic TV” to Shashi Tharoor. Will he dare to answer these questions?

Are you demanding a CBI probe in your wife’s murder case? Are you satisfied with the Delhi Police’s probe into your wife’s murder? Did you make attempts to reverse the autopsy report which concluded Sunanda died due poisoning? What is your response to Dr. Gupta’s allegations against you? Do you know why Sunanda’s phone was handed over 11 days late and completely wiped out of all data?

“Republic TV” from its very first day pledged to expose the corrupt. So when the reporters started to haunt Shashi Tharoor, his men were seen assaulting the reporters. Is Tharoor scared to face tough questions fired up by the reporters?

So it is clear that Taroor was involved in some dirty business and Sunanda wanted to put an end to it. Is it true that Taroor had developed links with Mehr Tarar with the sole intension of handling over the treasure to international mafia?

Source: http://zeenews.india.com/news/india/sunanda-pushkar-case-did-shashi-tharoor-spend-3-nights-with-mehr-tarar-in-dubai_1528563.html

Nishika Ram