What is the Truth Behind “Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hain” Trends on Social Media???

The one week, the whole of internet and social media is flooding with messages and tweets saying Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai….But most people are wondering who is this Sonam Gupta and why are people accusing her?!

It all started a year back when some guy who probably was jilted by his lover or girl friend wrote his words of frustration on a 10 rupee calling her bewafa Hai. Sonam Gupta had apparently opposed this and said it was typical men attitude to character assassin when they don’t succeed in love. This was the real story….But this 10 rupee note which got circulated and circulated and finally reached in the hands of some tech savy guy who took the picture of the note and uploaded on all social media platforms.

Most guys who emphasized the dejected lover started to spread this pic everywhere and soon Sonam gupta became a hot topic on the internet. But it was forgotten for a while, but after Narendra Modi announced the demonetization of old notes last week, Sonam Gupta reappeared and took the internet on storm.

The same message started appearing on the new 2000 Rupee note and got circulated everywhere. People started to write 100 rupee notes, Dollars, Pounds, coins and even on the MOON!!! This turned out to be a hilarious moment when people started posting funny message calling Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai!

Some girls who have their names Sonam Gupta or Sonam, started receiving calls from their parents, relatives and friends asking If She has Boy Friends.

My uncle wanted to know if it’s an ex-boyfriend’

Sonam says that the funniest reaction she has gotten since the trend has broken the Internet is when one of her uncles called her on Tuesday asking her if it was her ex-boyfriend who had written ‘Sonam Gupta bewafa hai’ on the note.

“I recently got married. My uncle is new to Facebook so when he saw the viral trend, he thought it was for me. He innocently called me this morning and began inquiring if I am okay! ” Sonam said.

‘Got over 20 calls, 50 texts’

The student told Mirror that the reaction from her friends and family was initially funny, but it gradually got irritating mainly because of unknown people who have been irritating her on social media.

“People have been talking about it on all my WhatsApp groups. I have received over 20 calls and more than 50 messages. To top it all, random people are sending me messages on Instagram and Facebook. They have sent me pictures of the note asking me ‘Are you THE Sonam Gupta?’”

So the entire world made the sequence in to a comedy show, without even knowing who is Sonam Gupta!

Disclaimer: We do not endorse any views on social media or any other platform which has put messages of Sonam Gupta. These views do not reflect the opinions of Postcard.news. Hereby we confirm we do not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings on the same. 

Aishwarya S