Truth Is Out!!! Extraordinary Expose of Killers of Kashmiri Pandits by Republic TV

Three reporters of Republic TV conducted stings on four ex-terrorists who confessed they’d murdered Kashmiri Pandits in the early 1990’s. Two of these reporters were Kashmiri Pandits themselves who’d lost their near and dear ones in the genocide.

It all began in September 1989 when terrorists shot dead Tikka Lal Taploo, a Kashmiri Pandit political activist, outside his house. From then on, the minority was harassed, raped, murdered, their homes were plundered and they were thrown out of the state.

It’s been 27 years since yet the murderers and those who backed the murderers from behind the scenes roam free. Not even a single FIR has been lodged. Let alone the political parties, but even the media that claims to be the ‘fourth pillar of democracy’ was silent on the most horrific of instances of ethnic cleansing. They talk of terrorism in the state but forget this unprecedented act of terrorism.

The credit for the expose of Republic TV goes to the daring reporters who posed as documentary film-makers to interview the terrorists. This was a very dangerous task. No action may be taken against these terrorists who’ve confessed to killing Kashmiri Pandits but still this expose has had an impact. This genocide took place with Congress in power, and because of this expose Congress politicians have for the first time possibly admitted that the Kashmiri Pandit genocide was ‘a shameful part of history’and that these killings were an ‘organised’ act.

Following is the link of the interview and the debate on the issue –


The Sikh genocide in 1984 and the Kashmiri Pandit genocide remain to be the two biggest blots on independent India’s journey. Both took place under Congress rule with the former having explicit involvement of Congress leaders. Yet, the Congress supported indefinitely by the media has successfully been able to create the image of being a ‘secular’ party in certain minorities in the country.

The Kashmiri Pandits were thrown out of their homes after men were murdered and women raped yet there wasn’t any outrage by the intellectual or media fraternity. The ones that were displaced still live in pathetic conditions – some in makeshift tents – with no food and no funds at all for health and education needs. Before the SC or the government does anything for them, it is high-time Hindus stand up and accumulate funds and relief material for our Kashmiri Pandit brothers and sisters.

Vinayak Jain