The truths hidden from general Hindu populace !

There is always a notion among people that certain “˜truths”™ they have assimilated over the years cannot be wrong. Any amount of pestering or naked show off the actual truth will not be sufficient to remove the veil prevalent over their eyes.  In many ways, this situation comes to the rescue of propagandists and proponents of wayward theories.

Let me give some examples, peppered with a few life experiences about how these things work.

We Hindus, generally risk averse, try to see the brighter side of things that do not affect us in a direct way. We have always been told that we are a majority and our Sanatana Dharma has preserved over centuries of humiliation and abuse. The majority of the population also points to the fact that over 80% of the Indian population is Hindu and there is no threat whatsoever. Let me point out that this figure of 80% (78.5% as per 2011 census) is made up by considering statistics such as these:

  1. A mere 1% of the population of the undivided AP is Christian.

This is when the ground report from various Social Organisations suggests that the percentage of Church goers could be nothing less than 30% in several districts of the present, residual Andhra Pradesh. Having travelled extensively in the rural areas of over five districts of AP, I have no reason to discount these findings. Several villages have become entirely Christian. In one particular village, the village temple has been converted into a church by installing a cross on the Vimana and uprooting the idols. Every converted Christian person I”™ve met has a Telugu bible on their phones and participates in religious activities. When I suggested a Hindu, an upper caste person no less, that Hindus also must download Bhagavad Geeta app, he immediately said, “No, no, Geeta is chanted only at the time of death here! Phew!

  1. Several Bangladeshi refugees taking up generic Hindu names/ nicknames like Rani, Golu, Raju and working as cheap labour, helps, across the length and breadth of the country. Since they were given Aadhaar Cards, Ration Cards and Voter ID cards, they have assumed Indian Citizenship with a fake religious and national identity.
  2. A large number of non-practicing Hindus, who would not pick up a Hindu cause even on the worst day of their life.
  3. If the Christian powers and Muslim rulers who ruled us for a millennium wanted, they could have converted the whole of India to Christian or Muslim kingdoms. This is another fantasia. Conversions and coaxing is dismissed under the above generalist statement. Let me remind you all once again, that less than 60% of Akhand Bharat ( pre-1947) is actually Hindu now. It is not 80% as you think. Muslim atrocities in Mughal India and Christian atrocities in Goa are not mentioned anywhere in the history books for our kids. Instead, they keep pressing that Upper Castes have humiliated the lower castes by making them perform odd jobs and keep them away from education. May I ask them who has written Ramayana? Who has written Mahabharata? These great sages were from what these people as lower castes.

All the deficiencies of Hinduism are highlighted when most likely these have developed since the conquests of the Middle eastern barbarians.( Sati, Child marriage, devadasi, etc)

So, the template is: Give a false sense of security among the Hindus. Don”™t tell them that the rate of population growth among Hindus is very much lower than Muslims. Don”™t remind them that Hindus are drifting away from their faith and way of life while other minorities like Muslims and converted Christians are getting more and more organized, wearing their identity on their sleeve, more often than not ready to cry victimhood in the Hindu theocratic state of India(post-2014). This is part one.

Let us see part two. The media and the general narrative has carefully chosen to show certain things and cleverly hide certain others.

Electoral games: None of the Congress (and its alliance parties) leaning Hindus I”™ve met were ready to accept that they were partisan to a certain community or caste. While a strong feeling about another rival caste keeps certain sections on its toes, it is the overall lack of understanding regarding the grand scheme of things that perplexed me. A lot of people believe that over 50% of the votes are needed to win an election and form the government. So the question they ask is: What is the need for a party to appease people who are not even 20% of the population? Now, generalist statements like these are easy to understand and that is what most people buy. The masses can be controlled as long as they are ignorant, gullible, poor and uninformed. This is what the political party that has ruled us for six decades has precisely done. But technology is a great leveller. It can unearth truths, bury the lies in no time. The game has just begun.

Anoop Srinivas Bhat C H