Tulsi Gabbard Slams Female Journalist For Calling Her An RSS Agent In A Bid To Defame Pm Modi And Shuts Her Down With An Epic Reply On ‘Gujarat  Riots’

The US Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard slammed a journalist for asking illicit questions and accusing her of being an RSS agent.

The first American Hindu woman Tulsi Gabbard was addressing a gathering of people and as she was delivering her speech, a female journalist interrupts and accuses her of being a supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The journalist also alleged that she was instrumental in changing the perception of Modi in US. She went on stating that many consider PM Modi  was complicit in 2002 Gujarat riots.

To which Tulsi questioned “Do you know who instigated those riots?” and the journalist    fell silent.

“You are levying a very serious accusation against me without presenting facts to back them up,” Tulsi said

She added that India is an important partner of the US in the region and said that the Indo-US association is vital not only for economic and security but also for educational and cultural reasons.

That is not it, the journalist also alleged that Tulsi Gabbard is receiving money from RSS for her campaign.

Responding to the statement, Tulsi asked her to back her allegation with evidence.   She said“ If you are gonna make these arguments, you better have the evidence to back it up, because you are wrong,”

Gabbard added that the contributions she is getting for her campaign is coming from American citizens.

“What you are doing right now is levying a criticism against American citizens, who happen to be Hindus, who are involved in our democratic process,” Gabbard said.

Positive reactions poured in as netizens praised Tulsi’s brave reply to the female journalist.

This was not the first time that Tulsi raised her voice against the  left leaning journalists for  spreading fake news about PM Modi, Earlier Tulsi Gabbard had slammed controversial journalist Rana Ayyub on spreading misinformation regarding Gabbard not attending the Howdy Modi event.

Referring to the article, she tweeted, “This article is misinformed. I’m not attending the Houston event due to previously scheduled presidential campaign events. However, I’m hoping to meet PM Modi on his visit to discuss the importance of maintaining the strong partnership of the world’s oldest & largest democracies.”

Gabbard was not present at the mega ‘Howdy, Modi!’ event in Houston due to prior commitments related to her scheduled presidential campaigns. However she apologized for not being present at the event through video message

“Namaste! I would like to extend a warm welcome to Prime Minister Modi on his latest visit to the US and I am sorry that I will not be able to join there in person due to previously scheduled presidential campaign events. I am really glad to see so many Indian Americans from all across our country as well as colleagues from Congress coming together there,” she had said in a video message.

Earlier in a tweet, Gabbard had informed that while she will not be able to attend the event but she hoped to meet Prime Minister Modi during his US visit.

PM  Modi met Tulsi  Gabbard on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York.

Tulsi Gabbard is the representative from Hawaii and service member who is currently contesting for the presidential elections in US.

Sharanya Alva


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