Tulsi Gabbard’s Befitting Reply To Controversial Journalist Rana Ayyub On Spreading Of Fake News Over Attending Howdy Modi Event

The usage of social media has increased in the recent years; it plays a huge role in helping people keep up mainly with the political developments. It won’t be wrong to say that one receives up to date information through social media. At the same time, opinions are usually divided when it comes to reliability and hateful nature of social media content when compared to other sources.

Especially when it comes to issues relating to the right wing political leaders of the country a few intellectuals are always ready to pounce on them with their own negative opinion.

We have come across various cases where particular news is altered according to their own whims and fancies by some of the famous journalists of the country. But, at the end of the day they are slapped with the truth.

Just a few days back a website named ofmi.org published an article stating that Tulsi Gabbard has refused an invitation to the ‘Howdy, Modi?’ event. The article claimed that Gabbard refused to join the event after Congressman Ro Khanna’s call to ‘Reject Hindutva.’

‘Howdy Modi!’ is a community summit hosted by Texas India Forum for Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 22. It is the largest event addressed by an Indian Prime Minister in a foreign country.

The so called ‘liberals’ began sharing the article without verifying the source of the news.

It was shared by Maharashtra Congress Sevadal and other Congress supporters.

Filmmaker Vinod Kapri, who was earlier accused of making up a fake story in Twitter of picking up an abandoned child from garbage in order to promote his movie, also shared the link and Ashok Swain who was earlier accused of celebrating the death of Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley shared the link.

That is not it, Rana Ayyub, investigative journalist who wrote the fiction ‘Gujarat lies’ shared the link with a caption saying “ Tulsi Gabbard refuses invitation to attend Howdy Modi event in Houston…. What a turnaround. Where does this leave her Indian fanboys.”

Rana Ayyub is known for her controversial remarks and constantly faces death threats for her statements.  She was also a close friend of journalist Gauri Lankesh.

Tulsi Gabbard was quick enough to reply to the tweet regarding her refusal of the invitation. Although by the time she replied to the tweet, Rana Ayyub’s tweet had over 1,000 retweets and 3,500 likes.

Tulsi Gabbard wrote “This article is misinformed. I’m not attending the Houston event due to previously scheduled presidential campaign events. However I’m hoping to meet PM Modi on his visit to discuss the importance of maintaining the strong partnership of the world’s oldest & largest democracies.”

Well, this tweet by Gabbard was a tight slap on all the “liberals” who wait for an opportunity to defame PM Modi.

While social media represents hyperconnectivity, its mechanisms allow for widespread of misinformation and the rise of fake news. Irony is that those who call themselves as intellectuals of the society fall prey to such fake news every now and then.

Sharanya Alva