Tunday kebab milein ya na milein, Gundein na milein, Will be happy to see no ‘Gunday’ in UP : Mohammed Kaif!

Looks like the fake secular brigade in media is losing support each passing day. In the name of minorities and Muslims, the media and some so called secular parties had created a mockery of the system supporting illegal slaughters houses in UP.

The lutyen’s brigade had made a big hue cry when the Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath ordered the shut down of all the slaughter houses in the state. The pseudo secular brigade projected as if it was crime to shut down illegal slaughter houses which were creating huge mess in many areas.

But cricket player, Mohammed Kaif has now come in open support of shutting down illegal slaughter houses. He has taken up twitter to express his views on the issue and said that “There is no problem if we do not get Tunday Kebabs, but there should not be any Goondas in UP”.

Yogi who took office last month, immediately made many drastic changes in the government and took severe actions against the Goondas in UP. He set up, women protection groups who went patrolling in many cities to curb eve teasing menace in the city which was in rampant.

He has taken strict measures against goonda raj and the people responsible for riots in Kairana were also encountered recently.

His statements have come as a shock to all those who claimed flag bearers of secularism. Kai has spoken the truth and shut the mouth of all pseudo seculars who went on to support the illegal slaughter houses in the name of Muslims.

Aishwarya S