Turmoil within Congress! Congress leaders across the nation reveal the dark secrets of Congress party

The Congress party doesn’t care about its own party leaders. What they will care about the people of the nation. They have always disrespected their party leaders. Due to such behaviour of Congress party, many leaders have resigned from the party.

The latest addition to this is Krishank Manne, General Secretary, official spokesperson and vice chairman of the Congress party. The senior leader cited ‘humiliation’ and disappointment for “not recognizing his work” as his reason for leaving.

Announcing his resignation, Manne shot an open letter to party president Rahul Gandhi and burnt the party flag and election campaign material.

In the letter to Congress scion, Manne alleged that he was discouraged by Pradesh Congress Committee president N Uttam Kumar Reddy on several occasions and was targeted for encouraging youths in the party. Manne attacked the state Congress leaders saying that they had made a lot of money and have stopped contributing to the party in any way.

Manne is a prominent leader from Secunderabad and was denied ticket in the recently held Assembly polls in the state. Manne claimed that he was announced Congress candidate from Secunderabad Cantonment during the 2014 state elections but even at that time his name was replaced at the last minute.

Nevertheless, Manne continued with his responsibilities by serving the party. He was even jailed during his struggle for justice for Rohith Vermula. The leadership never encouraged him and instead Uttam Kumar Reddy removed him as the official spokesperson when Manne didn’t give him biodata, even though he was the most active spokesperson of Congress ideology.

He stated, “Telangana Congress is a limited party running between few individuals, and money is the priority. Hoping that I would at least get a ticket for Lok Sabha I have applied for Peddapalli but was asked by TPCC President that how many crores I would spend. ”In furtherance to this statement, it was announced that Mr. Chandrashekar, who was contesting as an opposite candidate in 2018 joined the party and within 48 hours is gifted the Congress ticket for Peddapalli.

Exposing Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi and his party the leader further said “There is no serious commitment over Telangana nor conviction over weaker sections, state leadership is just faking desperately to be in power and that is the reason people have no belief towards Congress leaders in Telangana. Youngsters are never allowed to share space on the dias of Congress meetings. Dalit constituencies are decided by feudal netas who wish to demand tickets for their chamchas and not potential candidates”. Manne has announced that he will join the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) in presence of its working president KT Rama Rao.

This is the true face of Congress which doesn’t allot the seat by the hardwork of candidate but based on how much money he can give, what is his caste, which family he belongs to and all other such factors