Twist in Karnataka politics: Raids on DK Shivakumar was planned by CM Siddarammaya, says DK’s mother

The IT official’s raids on DK Shivakumar and his family, continued for the third day. The IT department revealed little information and yet to be revealed.

Disagreeing the IT raids on DK Shivakumar , Congress has launched the state wide protest alleging ‘Political conspiracy’ and ‘  a misuse’ of agencies.

Adding to it, Shivakumar’s brother denied the facts cash recovery. He said “There has been no cash recovery, It is all rumours. It is all just a propaganda to malign us.”

Besides, Gauramma, mother of DK Shivakumar have been stating that, “Chief Minister Siddaramayya is behind these raids. He never wanted my children to establish a career in politics. Many congress party ministers came forward and established a career with the help of my children and now, they’re targeting my children itself.”

When media asked CM about Gauramma, he replied that,”I don’t have a time to react. Besides, I informed DK Shivakumar and his friends to be careful and also, I had given the clue about the raid. I thought they would safe guard everything.”

What does it symbolise? He stated that he gave a clue and asked them to be ‘get – prepared for that.’

According to the source, Siddaramayya was well aware about this raids and so the Illegal properties of Congress Ministers too?

Every minister who got raided by IT officials blaming the CM that he is really behind these allegations and he is close to ex-prime minister Deve Gowda.

Siddaramayya established his career in politics first through JDS and then he jumped into Congress with a greed of power. Is there ‘Political Gimicks’ behind these allegations?

According to the source, DK Shivakumar is planning for the Minister’s election and he wanted to be a CHIEF Minister too. He is considered as ‘Second Richest Politician of India’. As the sources reported, “Siddaramayya had planned this raid against DK Shivakumar and his supporters by giving a clue to IT officials about their Crimes. He is being rude to DK Shivakumar all the time when he came to know that DK Shivakumar is also planning for election.”

Talking to media, Gouramma questioned that, ”Why CM is shutting his mouth and why he is not taking any actions against of this raid?” Also, she was claiming that, “Siddaramayya wanted to continue in Minister’s seat using these false allegations against of my children.”

If we observe the political career of Siddaramayya, we could guess without a doubt that the “Play King” of Karnataka Government was tracking the time to reveal the secrets of his opposers right at the election period.

Sushmitha Saptharshi