Massive outrage erupts against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey as he holds placard “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy”!

The Twitter which was recently in news for blocking, shadow banning many of the Nationalist accounts claiming intolerance is now in a dock as its own CEO has indulged in a disgraceful act of hate mongering and spreading false news about Brahmins and Hindus in India.

Jack Dorsey who had recently visited India, had met political leaders including Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Modi where he is said to have discussed about the business and relation with India. However he was questioned on the biased view of Twitter and its administrators against Prime Minister and Nationalists in the country. The Twitter was indulging in targeted suspension of influential right wing handles which were found to be in support of PM Modi.

Jack Dorsey who also met few so called liberals and journalists posed with a pla card which said “Smash Brahminical Patriarchy” which enraged Twitteratis. Jack has been questioned by many Twitter users and demanded the ban of his account for spreading hate against a particular religion and community.

While the Whites of Western countries are well known for insulting and humiliating every other dark people in the world, on what morality did Jack assumed that he could preach Indians and Indian culture whichhas the tradition of respecting every living thing?!

Take a look how the Twiiteratis questioned him!

The well known businessman Mohan Das Pai was one of the first person to raise and object the insensitive behavior of Twitter CEO!

After massive outrage, the Twitter posted a tweet claiming innocence of Jack and tried to hide their biased attitude.

But the outrage of people and mass report has made Twitter lose 4% shares in the market.

The social media activists are now demanding an unconditional apology from Twitter and its CEO for insulting and spreading false propaganda against Hindus!

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