Twitter India policy head deletes her tweet after people question her choice of words!

Generally most of the businessmen or corporates remain silent in public platform on their political inclination to keep themselves away from controversies and avoid clashes in the business forum. Their personal choices and their business choices are not mixed as they would make their public acceptance difficult.

Similarly, a social media platform which needs to be neutral to all people seems to have been using the platform to promote their party of interest while they are pushing down others opinion.

Twitter which has long been accused of targeting Right Wing people and suspending their accounts for criticizing or questioning Congress or left has once again proved that they are against Modi government. Mahima Kaul who is the policy head of Twitter India had openly tweeted a Tweet against PM Modi abusing and mocking his development agenda. She used most objectionable word in her tweet, for which many common people had faced suspension from Twitter before.

But the irony is, the Twitter which will be on its  toes to suspend the account of right wing activists for even questioning the Congress, has still not suspended the account of Mahima Kaul who used most abusive words on a public platform. Being in a responsible position, she has behaved irresponsibly for which she needs to be taken to task.

But this is not the first time this lady has used derogatory and abusive words against Modi, but even in 2010, she had made abusive comments against Modi.

Seems like her political inclination towards anti National elements and Congress is the reason she has earned job in Twitter India which was headed by Raheel Khursheed,  who is a hard core Hindu hater.

So Twitter will have to answer if they have different policy to different people depending on their political inclination.

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