Twitter, stop harassing! Twitter India summoned by Parliamentary Panel for exhibiting bias against right wingers

Among the top social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook have confessed that they are left leaning. In the recent days it was evident how the micro-blogging site Twitter targeted its users who openly backed the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi.

We had even observed how the twitter accounts of trolls and abusers belonging to anti-Modi brigade were supported and the accounts of volunteers who exposed the lies of lutyens media were haunted by suspending their account. The recent example was of Squint Neon, a page that expose the hypocrisy of anti-Hindu and anti-Modi brigade, was suspended.

Considering all these incidents, the parlimentary committee on information technology which is led by Anurag Thakur, has summoned Twitter officials and officials from the ministry of electronics and information technology. Now the Twitter India need to answer why it is systematically targeting the right-wing Twitter users since last couple of years.

Recently an organisation named ‘Youth for Social Media Democracy’ (YSMD) had held a protest outside the office of Twitter in Delhi’s Lado Sarai. Slamming the hypocrisy of the Twitter, Youth for Social Media Democracy said “The instance of such strong political biases during an election year is an attempt to influence India’s elections, which violates the right to free and fair elections, which is (sic) a fundamental ethos of Indian Democracy. Rules must be consistently applied without any such biases, however, there are repeated instances (sic) of such biases when it comes to reporting accounts or verification of them”.

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A protester named Ankur Singh, who was a victim of Twitter India’s bias said “My Twitter handle was suspended without any reason. I didn’t violate any Twitter rules. When many outraged at the move by trending #BringBackAnkurSingh, Twitter sent an apology the next day. But there are many handles which were blocked and continue to remain blocked”.

We had seen in the past where few of the Twitter India officials had openly supported Rahul Gandhi and his party’s views, that too in a pathetic way. Even the Twitter CEO Jack during his India visit had showed his cheap anti-Hindu mentality by holding a placard with caption reading “Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy”.

Hansika Raj