Twitterati has gone crazy after Dr Subramanian Swamy called the alleged British citizen Rahul Gandhi as ‘Buddhu’

Sonia Gandhi and family is desperate to escape from the hit list of Dr Swamy since years. But it was not just difficult but impossible. And Now Dr Swamy has blasted a bomb filled with humor which is getting viral across social media.

Look at the below tweet where Rahul Gandhi is considered as Buddhu!!!

“Buddhu’s tweet on his dog & bread crumbs is training for his future tenure as Congi President on how to treat his party office bearers” by saying this, Dr Swamy hinted that Rahul Gandhi will treat his office bearers pathetically.

As Rahul Gandhi agreed than Pidi (his dog) tweets for him, the below user shared an exclusive picture of how Rahul’s dog was tweeting.

‘Pidiman’ a story of a dog who is smarter than his master!!! A first look of a movie was released by the below twitterati.

For Rahul Gandhi, his dog was more important than his voters. This was proved by him during the Assam election held during 2016. The situation is so pathetic that even powerful leaders from of states are considered as trash in front of ‘Pidi’.


Is Rahul Gandhi really a ‘Buddhu’ as claimed by Dr Swamy?

When we focus on election rallies, then one may come to a conclusion that he may be a ‘Buddhu’. In each and every election rally Mr Gandhi keeps on committing one or another blunder. But Congress itself has claimed that he is not yet matured and needs few more time. So let us give this 47 year old young lad few more decades to get matured.

Can a ‘Buddhu’ be a scamster?

‘Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has claimed himself to be a British national before the authorities there’ this stunning revelation was made by Dr Swamy years ago.

To support this claim, Dr Subramanain Swamy had furnished few documents which are said to be authentic.

On 30th October, the MHA has responded to Dr Swamy regarding Rahul Gandhi’s citizenship. It said that the matter is being examined and appropriate action would be taken.

Hansika Raj