Two distinct incidents, two different reactions by Indian feminists! Know why pseudo-feminism is a dangerous game

Since #MeToo movement, the feminist activities in India have grown exponentially. ‘Feminism in India’ took its official twitter handle to abuse and lodge a complaint aganist Vivek Oberoi for re tweeting a meme. But the same activists had lost their voice when a brutal rape of a 10 tear old in madrasa surfaced.

Why such hypocrisy?? Are they trying to mislead a generation of young women in the name of feminist ideology??

women are silenced and oppressed about not just one thing. No can not imagine the real horrors women go through worldwide until one sees such things or have an personal experience. from being judged for what they wear to not being allowed their chance to be independent, from being considered the weaker sex to not being paid equally as men for the same job, from being disrespected and trolled to being harassed just because they’re women… it’s just the beginning of a modern day woman’s horror story!

Everyday we hear men getting into a brawl over nothing but hardly we see women speak up for even worse incidents. And it goes on…

Yes these stories are painful and outright unfair to women. But what is the solution to undo these oppression against women?


Alcohol abuse?

Women doing drugs?

Multiple relationships?

Are these things not being projected as the solution for every problem a woman face. Feminism in India is so shallow, it is backing all the above mentioned practices in the name of ‘gender equality’.

These feminists are a new tribe of oppressors in rising, better to term them the pseudo-feminists. We may not see them as problem until we hear teenage girls wishing death to all men or abusing alcohol or doing drugs, because they like to think themselves as feminists.

Of course, it may be foolish rants to wish death upon men, but in deep within it’s the thought process, it’s what this teenager would grow to be, It’s what this teenager would leave as legacy…

Let’s consider a very recent indecent that took place in Amity University.

Two girls got into a fight over a parking space with two men. These girls have called upon a mob of 20 odd men to help them and the mob beat them badly.

Now the whole incident took a turn as these girls have complained of molestation by two boys. The feminists are on street demanding justice. Let’s pause for a moment and think, why didn’t the girls go straight to the police and lodged complaint, why only after the boys were thrashed brutally and got admitted to hospital?

Is the rape charge, molestation charge being used as shield now a days?

There was Ian incident a week back when army men were abused by a lady on street and when they tried to confront her, she openly threatened to take of her clothes and shout that they are molesting her.

Did feminism giver her this right?

From the minor things like women expecting men to give up their seats and rightful chance in a competitive exam to women expecting special treatment for their gender, what makes these women think they are right ? Is it not a discrimination on the part of another human being that you are Snatching his right to enjoy privilages?

You set out to right the wrong only to flip the tables and do the opposite in the end…

That is what happened in the case of PV Sindhu and Sara Ali Khan. Feminist instead of speaking up on behalf of a woman chose to remain silent succumbing to particular ideology.

PV Sindhu a newly crowned world badminton champion visited thirumala temple to thank lord balaji. Sindhu is an ardent devotee of Balaji. She with her parents visited the temple in a traditional attire with at most devotion.

This irked few left liberals and Acc.to them Sindhu is endorsing ‘Brahmanvaad’ and irony is that these people call them self feminist in their profile description on social media.

Sara Ali Khan, born to a Sikh mother and a Muslim father, who had been living with her mother ever since her parents divorce, naturally offered prayers to lord ganesh on chaturthi.

Her image on social media received so many abuses from the so called ‘peaceful’ religion followers. She was called Kaafir and what not…

In this case too feminists were nowhere to be seen. Are they afraid of radical ‘peacefuls’ ending peace in their life? Or are they shamelessly hypocrites?

Feminism in India was supposed to be the voice of women but the problem with this pseudo-feminism is that the whole belief structure is laid on the foundation ‘women are always right and men are always wrong.’

Feminists don’t think men deserve the benefit of doubt too. They don’t believe in innocent until proven guilty. They don’t believe in equality… Now, if anyone dare to tell them otherwise, or make them see sense, they will attack, accuse of lacking empathy, if women like  us speak against their hypocrisy we are sure to be blamed of betraying your own kind. If any man, tries to to do the same, well , only God can save him!

These pseudo-feminist are not only betraying the cause of feminism in India but also  they are another reason why women find it so hard to seek and get justice. They stand for the very opposite of feminism in India, hiding behind the mask of feminism they will hurl abuses at someone who disagree with their ideology. They are rising, and feeding on the very thing we Indians stand for. For us equality is a birth-right irrespective of gender, caste, religion, origin…

We should Beware of these vultures. They are sucking up the values of this glorious land and leaving behind only venom like leeches. Feminism is not an idea required for India. In India women are treated as Shakthi, as lakshmi, as Saraswathi. We need not listen to those who foolishly say, then why there are rapes happening in India? Every dharma, religion or cultures have these notorious minds who neither believe in good deed nor they are afraid of law or God. It is not the fault of culture it is the fault of that particular person.

Those who come out with placards, coin term as rapisthan, share memes of goddess equated to an abused women- just be clear, these people are not trying to better the condition of women rather they are teaching our kids to involve in substance abuse and to have multiple relationships outside social norms in order to be called ‘liberals’

In Kannada there is a proverb, its meaning goes as, a category of people always push others children to know the depth of well.

Pseudo feminists of India are of same category.

I am an Indian, bangles, mangalsutra, saree have not shackled me, instead they are my identity, they are my pride. I wear them because I am proud of my culture

Dr Sindhu Prashanth