These two politicians will be eliminated from Indian politics by PM Modi very soon!!!

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying hard to free India from corruption and terrorism. And, do you know what does he meant by this?

The only two inauspicious left in India are Congress and CPM! Yes, for Modi, his next campaign is to save the country from these two political agendas! To be frank, Rahul Gandhi and Mamatha Bannerjee!

These two nuisance people are well known for their controversies and criticisms in entire India!

In a statement on 17 October 2012, Banerjee attributed the increasing incidence of rape in the country to “more free interaction between men and women”. She said, “Earlier if men and women would hold hands, they would get caught by parents and reprimanded but now everything is so open. It’s like an open market with open options.” She was criticised in the national media for these statements.

The Saradha Group financial scandal and the Rose Valley financial scandal came to light during her tenure and some of her cabinet ministers were accused of money laundering and have been incarcerated. She has been criticised by opposition parties for not taking adequate steps against her own ministers who tried to cover-up their deeds.

Religious violence broke-out between the Hindu and Muslim communities under Banerjee’s tenure particularly the 2013 Canning riots, the 2015 Nadia riots, the 2016 Kaliachak riots, the 2016 Dhulagarh riots and the 2017 Baduria riots. Opposition parties and political commentators accused her of blatant Muslim appeasement and allowing a breakdown of law and order during riot situations.

The Narada sting operation was carried out by Matthew Samuel in 2011 for the Indian newsmagazine Tehelka and published on Naradanews.com just before the 2016 West Bengal Assembly elections. The sting targeted high-ranking officials and politicians of Banerjee’s political party All India Trinamool Congress (AITC).

In October 2016, the West Bengal government banned the Durga Puja festival immersion after 4:00 pm. Durga Puja was to take place on 12 October and Muharram on 13 October. The government said that Durga Puja could hurt the sentiments of Muslims. This was seen by a section of the West Bengal population as another example of the “Muslim Appeasement” policy of Banerjee’s government. The Calcutta High Court overturned the decision and called it “a bid to appease minorities”.

In January 2017, the West Bengal Council for Higher Education changed the word for rainbow in Bengali text books from Ramdhonu (Ram’s Bow) to Rongdhonu (bow of colours). This has been seen by a section of the West Bengal population as another example of Banerjee’s “Muslim Appeasement” policy, given that Ram is the name of a figure in Hindu mythology, and that Bangladeshi textbooks had already changed Ramdhonu to Rongdhonu as Bangladesh is a Muslim majority country.

Well, about Gandhi family, entire India knows their terrible lives, which includes lots of “One-Night-Stands”!!

There are many controversies surrounding the Gandhi family. However, the most well known and implicating controversy is the existence of a Swiss Bank Account in the name of Rahul Gandhi holding the whopping amount of 2.5 billion Swiss Francs controlled by Sonia Gandhi with authorizations to make payments in US dollars to Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Miss Paola Maino (mother of Sonia Gandhi). Such controversies are further bolstered by the unravelling of the KGB files of the erstwhile USSR and reconfirmed by the revelations in the book, ‘The State Within A State’ by the Russian Harvard Scholar Yevgenia Albats and the Swiss news – magazine Schweizer Illustrierte. While such facts had been widely covered by both the national and the international media, there had been no protests against this issue from the ranks of the Gandhi family till date, nor had any litigations suits been filed discrediting such claims.

He have got his education, but his head is still immature just like his grandfather and great grandfather! The fact is, you cannot just elect the one who knows nothing about the politics as well as the history. Although, his entire family have a “Random Sex History.”!! In the light of all these Rahul Gandhi is not a “Youth Icon”, but the proverbial ‘unwilling horse’. He may have taken a plunge into active politics, but in all probabilities, that is an act goaded by a sick mother and pushed by the demands of the Congress rank and regime.

Believe me, if I want to be too frank, this Rahul v/s Prince of Delhi is just for photo-shop and whenhe dies, his photo-frame will be hanging on his bed room! That’s all! Nor he gives respect, neither has he taken respect! People who follow these two barbaric and terrible dumb heads are the same dumb heads who knows nothing about the Indian History!

Whenever, The Prime Minister announced his new vision about India, which makes India as “The Leader”, these congress and CPM leaders started barking! They do not want India, but its wealth!

One of the biggest joke is “Minority people” cannot understand their gimmick of vote bank! I really feel pity for them! Because, these greedy politically parties always supported their Laws and Lies in order to get votes! What can I say more about this? Shariyath, Terrorism and Conversion!!! These are the basic agendas of Nehru family and Communist’s!

Narendra Modi knows! And, that’s why he is trying hard to free entire India from Rahul Gandhi and Mamata Bannerjee!

Shika Mahajan