U-turns and blatant lies!!! Why Indians should never vote for this man?

I am sorry for supporting AAP as “Moral Idea”

With the recent disqualification of 20 AAP lawmakers, followed first by the revolving corruption cases and Kumar Vishwas episode, the AAP moral political standing has hit the lowest bottom. But what has come as a bigger jolt is Kejriwal’s refusal to act sincerely like a chief minister rather than an activist, when on the issue of recent disqualification of 20 AAP lawmakers, he along with entire AAP escalated an attack constitutional institutions. This brazen show did not only stop till abusing election commission; they went further to frame the honorable president as a “BJP agent”.

Not many years have passed, when the big political news in the history of India was the landslide AAP win in Delhi wresting the power by securing a total of 67 seats out of 70. The magnitude of victory was unexpected and sent shockwaves throughout the country. AAP was the same outfit who knocked the political world by setting some unique standards for them but those standards are on the paper. In record time- AAP, an idealistic political party looked up as a harbinger of hope has degenerated like a corrupt political party.

The recent office of profit case points towards something similar where AAP lawmakers were found guilty of misusing the taxpayer’s money for their own personal interest which is also a form of corruption. For the first time, in the history of India, AAP is a political outfit which doesn’t have any faith or respect towards the constitution or the constitutional institutions which is somehow dangerous for the democratic structure of our country. I won’t be wrong if I say that they are just another version of communists.

Though promising to be different from others, its leaders are seen running after power and money. Kejriwal while entering into the politics, he promised to remain like an “Aam Aadmi” but now this word seems only to use for their party. Kejriwal ditched the people of Delhi by saying that he would use metro for transportation and will not take any security cover, government bungalow but he ended up doing all opposite of what he claimed earlier. Today, Kejriwal has a two-tier security and his transformation into “Khass aadmi” is enough to put a dark blot on his morality.

He promised to keep transparency and democracy within the party while selecting the candidates but recent Rajya Sabha nominations by AAP showed the autocratic picture of Kejriwal and his party. The deserving candidates like Kumar Vishwas were shown the door and those having money were nominated in Rajya Sabha which clearly shows the party interest in money making tactics.

From Prashant Bhushan to Yogendra Yadav and recent episode of Kumar Vishwas tells that how the book “Swaraj” written by Kejriwal was just a political stunt and he wants only “Ji huzur” within the party. Having seen the anti-corruption movement growing, many youths like me thought that they will offer something new to the politics and they would fight against corruption, inflation and many other issues but now I am compelled to realize that youth like me were having a wrong choice. Ironically, the same AAP promised to keep them clean and was fighting against corrupt congress but ground reality presents something else, many lawmakers of AAP are facing either criminal or corruption cases but instead of acting against these, he continues to put the blame directly on Prime minister without any evidence.

Even now, he is ready to support Congress when just before the Gujrat elections, he appealed the people of Gujarat to vote for anyone (Congress) who can defeat BJP. It has not only dashed the people aspirations but also is a big setback for the political experiment aimed to cleanse the political system but they first need to clean them with their own broom. Moreover, Delhi is also in a state of anarchy where a lot of developmental works are pending because of the politics of “ego” and “ignorance” by AAP and Kejriwal.
As a new political idea, AAP has failed and the voters of Delhi will surely ask questions to them when they will face the public for asking votes.

Alok Kumar Choudhary


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