Ulta chor kotwal ko dante! Congress party scores a massive self-goal while attacking PM Modi after the verdict against Anil Ambani in Ericsson case

Today the business tycoon Anil Ambani was held guilty of contempt by the Supreme Court, which said that he should be either pay Rs. 453 crore to Ericsson India within four weeks or he has to go to jail for three months. Justice Nariman while pronouncing the judgement stated “RCom had no intention to abide with the undertakings… Undertakings were false to the knowledge of the RCom and group companies. This amounts to contempt of court. We, however, think the contempt can be purged by clearing the payments with interest,” maintained the court”.

As expected, what followed this was politics by the Congress party and its supporters. Whenever and wherever Anil Ambani’s name comes out, Congress party unleashes its propaganda and even this time it did the same. Congress party’s official handle released a statement after the setback for Anil Ambani that stated “Anil Ambani has been found guilty of contempt by the Supreme Court for failing to pay Ericsson their dues. Now the question arises, what will Modiji do to help his dear friend, maybe another undeserved defence deal?”.

But this statement proved to a big self-goal because Anil Ambani was defended by none other than the senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal. While Sibal was questioned about it, he had earlier said “I was representing Reliance Communications against Ericsson and this has nothing to do with Rafale. This is a corporate fight and Anil Ambani is the MD. I have been appearing for them for 20 years”.

Hilarious thing is, at one end they are slamming Anil Ambani for being a part of Rafale deal and wants him to be jailed. And at other end the Congress party is trying to save this business tycoon from the offence he has committed.

Months ago, Rahul Gandhi had ordered his party lawyers not to appear for Anil Ambani in any court cases, but we saw Kapil Sibal doing it repeatedly.

Hansika Raj


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