UN Confirms Six Addresses of Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan

India”™s consistent stand on wanted underworld don Dawood Ibrahim being hidden in Pakistan was vindicated when United Nations (UN) confirms six addresses of Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan.

Most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim lives in Pakistan”™s Karachi. In a validation of India’s stand that the man it has hunted for over two decades has been shielded by Islamabad, the UN Security Council’s ISIL and al Qaeda Sanctions Committee has amended its entry on Dawood by adding these addresses. Earlier, India submitted nine addresses out of which six addresses were confirmed and three were not by the committee.One of three addresses, which were removed by the UN Security Council’s ISIL and al Qaeda Sanctions Committee, belongs to Pakistan”™s envoy in United Nations MaleehaLodhi.

India”™s two years old dossier contains nine addressed of Dawood Ibrahim and it was supposed to be handed over to Pakistan in meeting between National Security Advisers of India and Pakistan, but the meeting was cancelled later.

UN Security Council’s ISIL and al Qaeda Sanctions Committee has information about Dawood”™s many passports, out of which three were issued in Pakistan. According to the committee, Dawood was issued a passport (A717288) on 18thAugust 1985 in Dubai. On 12th August 1991, passport G866537 in Rawalpindi was issued. Dawood was then issued two more passports in Pakistan, one in July 1996 (C267185) in Karachi and another in July 2001 (H123259) in Rawalpindi.

In a response, Pakistan has issued another denial. In a statement it said that the information submitted by India to UN committee was false. “It is aimed to malign Pakistan and undermine its efforts to curb terrorism,” said Pakistan”™s foreign office.

India”™s wanted criminal and fugitive for more than 20 years, international mafia don Dawood Ibrahim is in safe hideouts in Pakistan under ISI. There Dawood is involved in trade of illegal drugs and arms and accumulated huge money and power. He keeps changing his addresses in Pakistan under ISI”™s security.

Dawood Ibrahim is wanted in 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts in which 257 were killed and more than a thousand injured. He also wanted in various money laundering and extortion cases.



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