Unable to answer, nervous RaGa caught taking chits passed on by his deputies during  his first press conference after becoming Congress President

Did Bharatsinh Solanki pass chits to Rahul Gandhi, seated to his left, prompting him on what he should say?

Political analysts had predicted that Congress will vanish after Rahul Gandhi is made the president of Congress party. But no one thought that Rahul Gandhi would ruin and mess so soon. On the first press conference after Rahul Gandhi became the President of the dynasty, he has created a huge blunder and has made a mockery of him and his party.

Even though Rahul Gandhi’s speeches at the rallies were usually filled with mistakes, he never ran in between. But today, he was so nervous at the press conference that he stood “twice” up to run away from the press conference. But the bold media peeled every layer of Rahul Gandhi with its fierce questions.

The news conference was addressed at Ahmedabad which proved to be nothing else than a failure. Initially, ‘Times Now ‘ was blocked by the Congress fearing tough questions. Throughout the press conference, Rahul Gandhi didn’t even answer questions on secret meet of Congress leaders with Pakistan.

Nervous Rahul Gandhi slowly takes chits with notes from senior leaders!!!

Bharatsinh Solanki and Ashok Gehlot were the leaders who passed caught on camera the chits to Rahul Gandhi.

  • Did Bharatsinh Solanki pass chits to Rahul Gandhi, seated to his left, prompting him on what he should say? Visuals show that he did. Can Rahul Gandhi explain why he needs chits to answer?
  • Did Ashok Gehlot also pass chits to Rahul Gandhi, seated on his right, with some notes on what he should say? Visuals show Rahul receiving and reading some chits with a quick and almost clandestine darting look of the eye. What was written in those chits?

These were the question posed by Mr Arnab Goswamu of Republic TV ; even his news channel wasn’t allowed to cover the press meet. These questions make it clear that Rahul Gandhi miserably failed to answer tough questions. Like how a child copies at the exam hall, similarly Rahul Gandhi did by taking the help of his subordinates.

The points on which Rahul Gandhi spoke was very hilarious!!!

  • It was evident that Rahul Gandhi was least informed about the issues prevailing in the nation. Rahul Gandhi said, he regularly visits temples, but if this statement was true then why did he sit in a namaz position when he attended a temple months ago?
  • “People of Gujarat are very intelligent. They can see that PM Modi is not talking about corruption or farmers in his rallies. I am actually little surprised, I had expected BJP to fight with more strength”. This was Rahul Gandhi’s another statement but it proved to be another self-goal. Yes, as claimed by Rahul Gandhi, the Gujaratis are intelligent and that’s why they didn’t vote for Congress from the past 22 years.
  • In the half-hour press conference, Rahul Gandhi ducked several questions, especially on Patidar agitation and Pakistan. This clearly states that Rahul Gandhi is fooling the Patidars with the help of Hardik Patel.
  • “I have made it clear I will not tolerate such things, Modi ji is after all the Prime Minister of India, though what all Modi ji said about Dr.Manmohan Singh is also not acceptable”. This was Rahul Gandhi’s stand on ‘neech aadmi’ comment. So if Rahul Gandhi doesn’t tolerate such sorts of words then why didn’t he take actions or protest against his mother Sonia Gandhi, who also had made such kind of comments in the past?

Isn’t this a technique used by to fool the people by Rahul Gandhi?

Hansika Raj


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