Unable to face the defeat, Hardik Patel makes a bizarre statement!!! Here’s what he said

This is called the fighting spirit!!! Even after facing a humiliating defeat, Hardik Patel has not backed off from lying blatantly. Hardik Patel had given an indication that he had rehearsed well to blame the EVMs after losing the Gujarat elections.

As lying is exempted from GST, Hardik Patel exhibits his skills!!!

“If ATMs can be hacked then why not EVMs. I congratulate the BJP that has won the elections by tampering EVMs. EVM tampering is an issue, Surat and Rajkot had problems, the count has changed there. I have been talking about EVM tampering for 3 days. Our struggle will continue, I belong to no party”.

This was how Hardik Patel shifted the blame on EVMs for his pathetic defeat. But will this man failed to give any sort of evidence for his allegations. Even though BJP has won the Gujarat elections, the Congress-led media will try to project it as a defeat of BJP as it couldn’t win more than 100 seats. So if BJP had tampered the EVMs then it would have won seats somewhere around 130 seats but it didn’t happen. In short, EVMs were working fine.

Let us see some of the statements made by self-proclaimed political analysts!!!

This man named Tehseen Poonawalla is so talented in fooling himself that even Rahul Gandhi cannot compete with him. When the government officials have clarified that the counting was done fairly, Tehseen Poonawalla’s pseudo research team has found out that the EVMs were tampered. Let have look at some of his comic tweets.

  • The Election Commission and EVM have won. The people of Gujarat and India have lost.
  • The election commission should be proud of itself. Served @narendramodi ji well by delaying Gujarat.
  • Just imagine if the Election Commission had not postponed the elections and acted in such a biased manner this Gujarat Election2017 could have gone to the Congress.

Hardik Patel said BJP will purposely lose in Gujarat!!!

“On December 16, Hardik Patel said if BJP loses in Gujarat, then it is the end of BJP. That’s’ why BJP will tamper EVMs in Gujarat to ensure victory but purposely lose in Himachal Pradesh”.

So if this astrologer’s claim was true, then why did the BJP win in Himachal Pradesh? Why didn’t BJP win with a huge win in Gujarat? The false conspiracy theories of Hardik Patel has fallen flat.

As per this man, Congress could have easily defeated BJP if the EVMs wasn’t tampered with. This claim is as bizarre as Pakistan’s claim of winning Kargil War in 1999.

What was totally unacceptable in a democratic nation is that Rahul Gandhi didn’t even dare to face the cameras after BJP took the lead at 11 AM. Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi had to face humiliation after he gave his first interview to National Herald (Mouthpiece of Congress). Will he give an interview to Times of India or Republic TV?

Soon internet flooded with memes to mock Rahul Gandhi!!!

“When Life Gives You Rahul Make It Dravid Not Gandhi.
When Life Gives You Hardik Make It Pandya Not Patel”.

Hansika Raj