Unable to Survive with the MAHA-GHAT-BANDHAN, Nitish Kumar Hints at Coming Back to NDA!

In a major development, the Nitish kumar led JDU has once again exploring backdoor options to ally with BJP. This move comes following repeated rifts with the RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav.

Lately, Nitish Kumar has been embarrassed several times and apparently the Goonda raj tag to Bihar government is being heard quiet often. Nitish Kumar is also facing serious credibility crisis after he tied up with Lalu Yadav last year before elections. Repeated murders, attacks and rapes in the state has brought huge embarrassment to Nitish.

Lalu Prasad’s close association with the Md. Shahubudin who has been facing criminal charges of murder, kidnap and extortion also made Nitish Kumar very uncomfortable to continue his MAHA GHAT-BANDAN with Lalu. Shahubudin had also openly criticized Nitish Kumar saying he’s under the sympathy of Lalu Prasad and has no power in government calling him “Chief Minister of circumstances.” Nitish Kumar was called Bihar’s Manmohan Singh for his inability to take decisions on his own.

After the entire country started pointing at Nitish Kumar for not acting against Shahubudin, his government under pressure opposed the bail in the Supreme Court. He literally had to prove his commitment by opposing the bail in Supreme Court.

Internal sources have indicated that a JDU leader’s father, who also happens to be a famous doctor, has approached BJP leaders in Delhi to pave way for a possible “work together policy.” The JDU has also watered down his hatred and aggressive stand against Modi.

Recently Nitish Kumar had praised Modi and BJP government for his tough stance against Pakistan and conducting surgical strikes. He lauded the PM saying he has shown the courage to act against Pakistan. The BJP also seems to have welcomed the move which was indicated when JDU leaders Sharad Yadav and Harivansh were included in 149 member committee formed for the centenary celebrations of Deendayal Upadyay.

Nistish Kumar had earlier said we need to make country free from RSS ideology, but his support to be part of Deendayal Upadyay centenary celebrations who was a RSS pracharak shows he’s slowly leaning towards BJP again.

Aishwarya S



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