Unable to recover from the masterstroke of the Modi govt in J&K, this is how NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan gave a bizarre statement and got ripped apart by the Indians!

Even before the opposition could realize, the Modi government had executed the most dangerous master plan in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. Without giving a hint to the political rivals, the BJP had withdrew its support to the PDP, which was going soft on the terrorists.

So sacrificing the “power” in J&K will not just help the BJP but also to the nation, and will also cause huge damage to other parties such as National Conference (NC), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and even the Congress party. Yes, are you surprised?

Now you may argue that the President has imposed governor’s rule in Jammu & Kashmir, so how this will help the BJP in the valley? Soon after the governor takes charge, his main priorities will be the security issues. The anti-terror operations will be carried out in full swing and even the Indian army will be given a free hand. Even the BJP wanted the same, so, no matter who is in power, the wishes of BJP will get accomplished.

When Mufti was the CM, she was constantly interfering in the Army activities and that’s why the terrorists were having a good time. She was even haunting the Indian army officers with series of FIRs and was also giving amnesty to the stone pelters, who were nothing less than terrorists.

But now the terrorists, stone pelters and the separatists will have tough days ahead. Let me not forget to mention that even the Congress, National Conference (NC) and the PDP’s vote share might be dented.

As usual, instead of praising BJP’s “Nation first, power next” decision, the NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan tried to play politics. In an attempt to create panic in the NDA, she tweeted “I wonder what Nitish Kumar is thinking right now”.

With the statement, she meant to say that BJP might even dump Nitish Kumar’s JDU in the future for political gains. What else can be expected from journalists from NDTV? Even a teenager knows it clearly that BJP had dumped PDP yesterday just because Mufti’s party was acting like the agents of Pakistan.

Mehbooba Mufti’s party was even attacking the brave soldiers who were safeguarding the nation in extreme weather. But what wrong has Nitish Kumar done? Has he gone soft on terrorists or the Goondas? The Bihar was ruined by the Lalu Yadav and team, but after Nitish joined hands with the BJP, the state is heading in the path of progress.

So the hypocrisy of NDTV journalist Nidhi Razdan was ripped apart by the Indians!

“U should actually wonder what Omar Abdullah is thinking right now”, stated a twitterati.

Soon after Mr Modi became the Prime Minister, NDTV lost its hold on Indian media. Guess what will happen to it after 2019 if Mr Modi is elected once again?

  • Don’t worry Madam, he understand’s the situation better. He is in good state of mind. Every Indians are wondering what you people’s fate will be after 2019 elections.

The Indian Army will have a festive season ahead!

  • I wonder what Indian Army thinking right now. Asli Eid from now on.

Hansika Raj