Unable to recover from the shock that India’s MiG-21 shot down F-16 jet, Pakistan spreads fake news but gets exposed by Lockheed Martin

Two decades ago when the Indian Air Force pilot Nachiketa had to be released after a week’s custody, Pakistan had said he would be handed over at evening but Indians were made to wait for several hours. Even this time, India was expecting Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s return at noon but he was handed over after 9 PM. Upon that Pakistan had threatened him and forced to record a video, which was again edited over 20 times, to portray India in a bad light.

However the Pakistanis are unable to bear the fact that the Modi government forced Pakistan to hand over IAF pilot in just two days. That’s why the top officials, both from the Pakistan government and their Army have now restored to spread fake news, that too hilarious one’s.

India had submitted evidence that proves that Pakistan used the F-16 to attack the Indian military installations. This had spooked Pakistan because the F-16 jets were handed over to them by the United States with clear instructions of not to use them against any country but to use it against the terrorists.

But after Indian submitted evidence, the isolated Pakistan had to somehow prove that they didn’t use F-16 jets against India. So a Pakistani civil servant named Danyal Gilani said “F-16 manufacturer Lockheed Martin to file law suit against false Indian claims and expresses annoyance over the factually incorrect claim of shooting down of Pakistan’s F-16 by IAF. Says all F-16s on Pakistani inventory are well counted for!”.

Pakistanis couldn’t bear the fact that a 2nd generation IAF fighter jet shot the 4th generation F-16 jet of Pakistan. But Lockheed Martin slammed this fake news of Pakistani civil servant by saying “Lockheed Martin has made no such comments”.

Note that Pakistani bureaucrat Danyal Gilani is David Coleman Headley’s half brother. Hedley who had close relationships with Modi-hating Bollywood stars was the mastermind behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Hansika Raj