Unbelievable!!! By gifting costly watch to Karnataka Congress CM, you can win government contracts worth crores

When the Congress party is busy in halting the discussions in the parliament, the Karnataka CM Siddaramayya is totally exposed for carrying out corruptions. A year ago, the “watch scam” was making huge uproar in Karnataka politics. Now, once again it has erupted and is much stronger because it is exposed by none other than Former DYSP Anupama Shenoy, who was the victim of Karnataka politics.

She said that Karnataka CM not only received expensive Hublot watch from an individual but in return he had favoured him by offering two major government projects. This was reported by “Suvarna News” today.

The 75 lakh worth watch case was almost closed but DySp Anupama said that Girish Chandra Verma, who had gifted an expensive watch to Karnataka CM is an employee of a business man who has established his business in Dubai. After this, two projects have been allotted to the Dubai based firm in a surprising speed by CM Siddaramayya. The Karnataka government has also breached all the rules while granting this project.

The project includes building a government hospital in four acre land and the Rs 450 crores project involves transforming Jog water falls into a better tourist hub.

Previously, several complaints were launched with the ACB and the Lokayuktha but progress in the case was nil. So DySP Anupama has decided to launch a complaint with Karnataka speaker Koliwada.

On what moral grounds is the Congress government attacking the Modi government which is giving transparent governance since 3 years? The Congress has crossed all limits and has literally kidnapped the Gujarat Congress MLAs last week.

Another dangerous trend which is seen in the Karnataka state is that there are scams behind every government projects. The projects are either allotted to the Congress owned firms or huge kickbacks are received by the Congress leaders for handing over the contract.

The corruption done after receiving the Hublot watch as a gift has surfaced but will justice prevail? Well, this is a million dollar question because several Congress leaders had escaped from the hands of the law with the support of corrupt officials backed by Congress previously.

This will be surely a huge setback to the Karnataka Congress if the former DySP be successful in proving the wrongdoings of CM Siddaramayya.

Nishika Ram