Unbelievable! How Rahul Gandhi Behaved During Jayalalitha’s Funeral !

Culture is something which cannot be taught, it comes by birth. Dignity is earned by ones behaviour and acts, which some people would never understand no matter how big they grow (In terms of age).

Why I raise this issue is… yesterday the CM of Tamil Nadu Late J Jayalalitha passed away and her funeral ceremony was arranged today in Chennai. The entire Nation was in mourning for the loss of a great leader who had grown tall with sheer hard work, intelligence and dedication to a position where the entire Nation respected her and addressed her as ‘Amma’. Several icons from different walks of life from politics, cinema and sports visited her and condoled the demise of Amma. President of India, Prime Minister, Chief Minister’s of various states visited her funeral and showed respects.

But there is few people from the most arrogant party of India, who either think themselves as King and queens or they are unquestionable who have to display their utter disregard for others. Its none other than Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi who behaved so immature and irresponsibly during the funeral of Late CM Jayalalitha. He and his party has shown how low they can stoop and how irresponsible and insensitive they really are.

Rahul Gandhi who attended the funeral ceremony of Jayalalitha, apparently forgot he had come to mourn the death of the former Chief Minister and was seen happily laughing and enjoying his moments along with his Congress counterpart Ghulam Nabi Azad. What a shame these people are…?! While every other person was either silently sitting or weeping, Rahul Gandhi, Ghulam Nabi Azad with their friends were seen laughing most of the time. They were continuously speaking and looked so joyful.


Even when Rahul Gandhi visited Rajaji Hall, where the body of Jayalalitha was kept, he was seen smiling and waving to many people. His Congress party men were trying to play politics standing just beside Jayalalitha’s body.

This is not the first time Rahul Gandhi was caught laughing during a death of a person, he had done the same act even during the death of Ram Kishan Grewal, the person who is said to have committed suicide because of OROP issue. Rahul Gandhi was caught laughing and talking on the phone outside RML Hospital.



How can we expect dignity and culture from a person who doesn’t mind feasting on dead person for his political gain. Can there be more shameful act than this??


These above pictures are enough to say how the act of a person defines his stature.

Aishwarya S