Unbelievable – This ecofriendly “dream city” in India has been recently built with incredible planning!

Everyone knows about Raipur, the capital of Chhatisgarh. But very few people know about Naya Raipur , an incredibly beautiful, impeccably planned and an amazing smart city that has come up 17 kilometer from the city of Raipur. An eco-friendly city, it is world’s first integrated city and boasts of zero water discharge. Once completed, Naya Raipur will become the new capital of Chhatisgarh. What makes this city so special and unique in its own ?

World’s first integrated city :

Constructed over an area 274 sq km, the city is the fourth planned capital city after Chandigarh, Gandhinagar and Bhubaneshwar. The city has been built to accomodate 5.6 lakh people, with plans of future expansion kept open. The uniqueness of Naya Raipur is in the fact that it is world’s first integrated city. It means that the transport system of the city, electricity distribution, water distribution and security system of the entire city will be managed by an integrated system, which will be controlled centrally. All the complaints will be addressed and solved online to a single central agency managing all the areas.

Excellent Infrastructure

Naya Raipur boasts of wide and world class six-lane and four-lane roads, which are spread over a network of 150 km inside the city. As per the final plans, there will be 220 kilometer of roads inside the city. 23% of the land in the city has been reserved for educational institutions, government offices and public auditoriums etc. Another 30% of the land has been used for residential and other related purposes. The construction of houses is an architectural marvel in itself. Every house in the entire city will get more or less equal amount of sunlight over the day. The pipelines of water supply, electrical supply and optical fibre network are all underground. 12 indoor units of 33kVA in the city have been established to ensure 24 hour electricity supply to each of the household in Naya Raipur.

Eco-friendly city

Naya Raipur is a delight for anyone who wants to live in the lap of nature. It is an eco-friendly city. 5 lakh trees have been planted in the city, which occupies more than 27% area. Due to such a large green cover inside the city, it has also been called as “green field city”.

Zero Water discharge city

The entire city has a capacity of 51 billion liter water for various purposes. The uniqueness of Naya Raipur is that it is the first zero water discharge city. This means that water does not go out of the city. All the water remains within the city. Water is recycled at world class water recycling plant in the city and re-used for various other purpose like watering of plants, increasing green cover, etc.

International Cricket Stadium

Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh international stadium in Naya Raipur with a capacity of about 65,000 is the third largest cricket stadium in world by seating capacity after Melbourne Cricket Ground and Eden Gardens. The stadium is fully equipped with state of the art facilities and is among one of the most modern cricket stadiums in the world.

For a state which is just 16 years old, construction of such a wonderfully planned and an incredibly beautiful smart city is an amazing achievement. Other state governments must take a leaf out of Raman Singh’s administrative acumen, who has taken Chhatisgarh to new heights, and make smart cities in their states.

This short 2 minute documentary on Naya Raipur by History Channel is a must watch for anyone who wants to have a glimpse of India’s one of the most beautiful and planned cities.

Kshitij Mohan