Unbelievable Vendetta action!!! DIG Roopa transferred by Congress Government

The brave IPS officer who exposed the corrupt practises in the Bengaluru’s “Parappana Agrahara” Central Prison has been transferred. Once again Karnataka government has proved that there is no place for sincere officials in Karnataka. She was the one who exposed the perks given to Sasikala and gang in the Bangalore prison. But exposing VVIP racism is a crime as per Congress government.

Sasikala and gang were given 5 rooms in the prison. One was allotted for performing yoga; even a separate kitchen was given. DIG (Prisons) D Roopa brought this in front the public. But instead of supporting this brave lady, what has the Congress Government in Karnataka do? The government has transferred her to Road and Safety. Yes, and this is a desk job where a “sharp shooter” like her need to sit inside the Commissioner’s office.

Yes, the reward for honesty is transfer; this is sheer punishment and nothing else. As the 2 crore bribe case is under probe, it will be very easy to the government to suppress or destroy the evidence when DIG D Roopa isn’t in charge of the prison. What a master plan by Karnataka CM Siddaramayya.

The government should have punished Sasikala and gang for bribing. Why no action is taken against the officer who allegedly took 2 crore bribe?

Postcard News was the first one to reveal that on Saturday midnight, 31 prisoners were transferred to other jails. These were the one who complained to DIG Roopa of the perks given to Sasikala and gang.

In Karnataka, if an IPS officer like D Roopa is handled so brutally then what will be the condition of normal people? Answer is lynching; yes, several RSS workers are lynched and the murderers roam free.

Where is Mr Rahul Gandhi, who always speaks of women empowerment? Has India reached to such low level that exposing the corrupt is considered as a crime?

Rachana M