Undeclared Emergency in Kerala! While the rape accused Bishop Franco was arrested after three months, over 3345 Sabarimala devotees are arrested within days

The Kerala state has been completely turned into a war zone by the communist government where the Hindus are chased down and sent behind prison just for protesting peacefully so to uphold the fundamental rights of Ayyappa Swamy.

These devotees safeguarded the temple day and night (note that they were volunteers and not paid mob) so that women of restricted age group would not enter the temple, which is also against the wish of Ayyapaa Swamy. Rehana Fathima, Mary and few other women who called themselves as atheists, yet followed a certain faith,  tried to enter the Sabarimala temple–that too with police protection– and the Ayyappaa devotees had successfully stopped them, without any violence.

All these unsuccessful attempts to enter the temple by the women of restricted age group was just to provoke and hurt the Hindu community. One women went to a pathetic extent of carrying a blood soaked napkin in the Irumudi (bag carried over the head by the Ayyappa devotees on their head).

When all these conspiracy was formulated and was nearly executed, the unity of Hindus stood like a fort outside the temple and the conspirators couldn’t breach it. And now the communist government is seeking for a revenge against the Hindus by filing case and arresting them round the clock.

One thing that shocks me is when the Nuns were protesting against Bishop Franco Mulakkal after he allegedly raped a Nun 13 times, it took more than three months for the communist government to arrest the father. But now the Kerala police have arrested a whopping 3345 Sabarimala devotees within days.

Yes, you heard it right. Since October 26th the Pinayari Vijayan government started to haunt the Ayyappa devotees, that too in the wee hours. All together a total of 517 cases have been registered against the peaceful Ayyappa devotees at various police station across the state.

Note that these devotees were protesting by singing hymns and prayers of Ayyappa Swamy. But now they are in jail. While the people who pelt stones and kill the Indian Army soldiers are protected by few of the political parties.

Days ago when 2000 devotees were arrested, the BJP President Amit Shah visited Kerala and warned the Pinarayi Vijayan’s anti-Hindu government by saying “Today in Kerala, a struggle is going on between religious beliefs and state government’s cruelty. More than 2,000 activists and workers from BJP, RSS and other organisations have been arrested. BJP is standing like a rock with devotees.You (Kerala CM) concentrate on developing the state rather than attacking the Ayyappa bhakts,”.

Hansika Raj


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