Is Uniform Civil Code Relevant to Indian Society??? Part 3

Some stone-cutters were toiling under the blistering sun. A lady approached them and asked them, “What are you doing?” One man said, “Can’t you see? I am breaking the stones.” The second man said, “I am making a statue.” The last man said, “I am building a temple.” All three were doing the same work, but their approach to the work was very different. All three were doing the same work, but the first one could only see the present; the second could see the near future and the third one could see the ultimate goal.

Imagine that the lady was India. Imagine that the stone-cutters were our Nay-sayers, our Judiciary and our Government. Now imagine that the stones were the Uniform Civil Code. To the nay-sayers, the UCC is just a Stone – it could be used for anything, including Pelting. For the Judiciary, the UCC is just a tool for Providing Justice to all, including Women. But for the Government, UCC is the building of the Temple of Democracy and Equality.

Those who are silent today on the UCC cannot see what the next generations will go through in the fight for reservations and votes. Today we decry vote-bank politics and say that this has destroyed the nation. Then why are the educated Muslim men & screen-idols not supporting the UCC openly? Complaining that education and health services do not reach the poor Muslims, is not enough. Worrying that Muslims are not represented well in the mainstream is not going to help. It is a well known fact that if the Mother in a family is educated, the whole family gets educated. Women’s empowerment means health, wealth and education in families. But if we still choose to follow male dominated laws, how will we achieve this?

Today, in India, women from all religions are facing problems like rape, exploitation, malnutrition, etc. We need to stand together as one to fight all these evils, if we have to progress in the true sense of the word. Taking potshots at every action of the Government, whether it is ‘Make in India’ or ‘Surgical Strikes’ or ‘Uniform Civil Code’, may grab attention for the time-being and give one momentary fame. But the future generations will only remember those who fought for progress and equality. If we lose this chance of making our country truly great, we will be confined to the dusts of history, which the winds of time will blow off.

Jai Hind!

Rati Hegde