Union Minister Babul Supriyo was attacked by left-wing students! But here’s what he gifted to the mother of assaulter

Just a day before Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change Babul Supriyo has been gheraoed at Jadavpur University by a section of left-wing students when he went there to attend an event organized by the students of ABVP. Most of them were members of CPM-backed Students Federation of India (SFI)

The students attacked, heckled and abused him. They questioned him about the allegations of sexual harassment against him, and also raised the issue of the National Register of Citizens (NRC). One student named Debanjan Vallabh pulled Supriyo with a jerk toward him by pulling his hair. Not only they stopped at this but went further and the shirt of Babul was even torn by them

You can imagine the extent of abuse by this. But Union Minister remained firm and didn’t back out and encouraged students to have a healthy discussion with him on their queries instead of involving in all this
But as -usual an angry mob was not even interested to listen to him instead wanted to show their frustration on him. This drama at the campus lasted for hours but nothing could be sorted. Seeing the pathetic condition the drama was getting unfolded into, the West Bengal governor Jagdeep Dhankhar had finally to intervene to stop all this

The CM of the state, Mamata Banerjee let this entire fiasco happen and did not assist the VC or send police force to take hold of the situation The Governor had called her twice. The DGP, the CP, the Home Secretary, and the Chief Secretary were informed about the situation. But she let this BJP vs Left battle to happen.

Despite all this, Union Minister Babul Supriyo didn’t lose his cool. He, in fact, stated that a strong opposition is a must. “These are kids. These people are hot-headed but if there is no opposition, who are you going to fight against, Bhai? The opposition is necessary”, he said

In other acts of kindness, he also dealt with the assaulter Debanjan Vallabh (who is currently absconding) mother kindly. After the incident, the assaulter mother Rupali Ballabh requested him before the media not to take any action against his son and finish his career. Assaulter mother, who is a cancer patient pleaded the minister to forgive his son

To which the union minister responded positively and very politely by tweeting her in Bengali. The Union Minister first asked the mother about her health and wished her speedy recovery. He assured her not to worry as he will not take any action against his son but also asserted that he wants her son to learn from his mistakes.

“Don’t worry Mashima. I won’t harm your son. I only want him to learn from his mistakes. Neither will I file an FIR or allow anyone to press charges. Don’t worry, you focus on your recovery. My prayers are with you,” Supriyo tweeted.

This is the culture of BJP. They don’t believe in harming anyone but instead having a healthy discussion for sorting the queries of people of the nation