Union Minister Smriti Irani punctures the fake news spread by “The Wire and allies” on her statement on Sabarimala

“Would you take sanitary napkins steeped in menstrual blood and walk in to a friend’s home? You could not. And would you think it is respectable to do the same thing when you are walking into the house of god?”

The above statement that was made by Union Minister Smriti Irani provoked the left leaning propaganda websites to twist it and shout that she is against menstruating women.The leading organisation in this unholy act of distortion was propaganda website The Wire, which is filled with men accused of sexually harassing women.

Soon the co-founder of The Wire Siddharth tweeted saying “Is Smriti Irani for real? Her argument against women going to Sabarimala: Would You Take Sanitary Napkins Soaked in Menstrual Blood Into a Friend’s Home?”.

Not just him, another man named Michael Safi, who is a South Asia correspondent at “The Gaurdian” tried to give a spin to Smriti Irani’s statement on Sabarimala. See his tweet below:

Union Minister immediately slammed him saying “Fake news …… calling you out on it”.

Later on with a series of tweet, she explained how her comment on menstruation was distorted by the liberals to portray her as anti-women. “Since many people are talking about my comments — let me comment on my comment. As a practising Hindu married to a practising Zoroastrian I am not allowed to enter a fire temple to pray” said Irani.

“I respect that stand by the Zoroastrian community / priests and do not approach any court for a right to pray as a mother of 2 Zoroastrian children. Similarly Parsi or non Parsi menstruating women irrespective of age DO NOT go to a Fire Temple. These are 2 factual statements. Rest of the propaganda / agenda being launched using me as bait is well just that … bait” saying this she exposed the lies of The Wire and many more propagandists.

It is really sad that who ever is trying to talk against women’s entry into the Sabarimala temple are attacked by the self proclaimed torch bearers of women’s rights. She intensified her attack and saying “As far as those who jump the gun regarding women visiting friend’s place with a sanitary napkin dipped in menstrual blood — I am yet to find a person who ‘takes’ a blood soaked napkin to ‘offer’ to any one let alone a friend. But what fascinates me though does not surprise me is that as a woman I am not free to have my own point of view. As long as I conform to the ‘liberal’ point of view I’m acceptable. How Liberal is that ??”.


“Will You Take Blood-Soaked Pad To Friend’s” house? Smriti Irani raps the left activist who carried stained pad to temple!

Hansika Raj


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