United States to Share Most Advanced “Javelin Anti-Tank Guided Missile” Technology With India!

As India takes strides in deepening its military cooperation with the US, another significant step in the direction would be the co-production of the state-of-the-art Javelin Anti-Tank Guided Missile. Our Ministry of Defence has said that the negotiations between the two nations are almost complete.

Washington may soon approve technology transfer of the missile to India along with the license to manufacture it in large numbers. India will then manufacture the most advance version of the hand-held missile called the FGM-148 Javelin which is used by the US forces.

In 2010, the then Manmohan Singh government had pushed for the purchase of the missiles via the Foreign Military Sales route but the US had refused technology transfer. After being unsuccessful, the government had finally dropped the proposal.

Washington has & remains to be protective about its high-tech military technology ““ and rightly so ““ but the Narendra Modi is breaking down the walls of hesitance & a lack of trust that has long prevailed. Washington having agreed to transfer technology of its most advanced anti-tank missile is a clear signal that the US-India relations under this government are flourishing.

The Indian Army is looking to equip all of its 382 Infantry Battalions & 44 Mechanised Infantry units with these missiles replacing the French Milan missile. To accomplish this task the army needs a mammoth 20,000 hand-held missiles.

Just after the Modi government had taken over, later in 2014, the Ministry of Defence had also selected the Israeli Spike Anti-Tank Missile but the deal still awaits price acceptance. Along with these two powerful weapons, India is also in the advance stages of testing its home-grown vehicle mounted Nag Anti-Tank Missile System.

It is clear that the Narendra Modi government is very focused on modernizing the armed forces & filling the gap that the short-sighted & corrupt UPA government had created. The armed forces had literally been neglected during their 10 years with not only our tanks & jets becoming out-dated but even basic requirements of bullet-proof jackets & headgear not being catered to.

Vinayak Jain