UNSC ‘closed door’ consultation proved costly for Pakistan

Pakistan yesterday tried hard to push its agenda human rights violation in Kashmir since the Abolishment of articles 370. Pakistan is facing humiliation as none of the countries expressing their support.

Pakistan relayed on its all weather ally China to move the matter to UNSC.

Today the UN Security Council agreed to have a closed door consultation to discuss India revoking the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

UNSC will not make any formal pronouncement as the consultations are informal in nature. India and Pakistan did not attend the meeting, and only to the five permanent members and 10 non-permanent members met to discuss the matter.

After the meeting Russian envoy to UN said “We are friends and good partners with both India and Pakistan. We have no hidden agendas. So, we will open-heartedly continue to engage with Islamabad and New Delhi in order to help both of them come to terms and have good neighbourly relations”

Earlier, when Pakisthan requested mediation of UN, the Secretary General Antonio Guterres had urged India and Pakistan to exercise “maximum restraint” and refrain from taking steps that could affect the status of Jammu and Kashmir. He had also highlighted the Simla Agreement which rejects any third-party mediation on the issue. Clearly rejecting Pakisthan’s plea.

This will have a huge impact, if at all pakisthan makes any military advancement towards India. Even China won’t be able to back pakisthan. All countries will request for restraint but they can not deny the fact that we have right to retaliate.

Last night, Indian Army foiled multiple infiltration attempts by terrorists backed by the Pakistan Army in the Keran sector of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan Army is increasing its attempts to push terrorists in the Indian territory. On one hand pakisthan is trying to draw world’s attention to Kashmir issue, and talking about peace, on the other hand it continues its back stabbing.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke to US President Donald Trump over phone ahead of the UNSC meeting , discussing situation in Kashmir after the Centre decided to end the special status given to the state under Article 370.

Pakisthan’s prime minister is trying hard to create an image of India as a war monger. It has started crackdown banning on the Indian movie CD’s. As of today that is all pakisthan is able to do.

Today the defence minister Shri Raj Nath Singh ji has delivered a very strong msg to the Pakistanis. He said-

“Pokhran is the area which witnessed Atal Ji’s firm resolve to make India a nuclear power and yet remain firmly committed to the doctrine of ‘No First Use’. India has strictly adhered to this doctrine. What happens in future depends on the circumstances,”

These incidents are clearly indicative of complete diplomatic isolation of the terror state Pakisthan. They attacked the people in London celebrating indepence day. Threw eggs and bottles on them. Day by day pakisthan is losing sanity. It is also trying hard to instigate violence through terrorist groups which it supports.

That Time is not very ahead, when Pakisthan will doom itself trying to promote the fake narrative on Kashmir. PoK witnessed violent protest by its citizens against Unlawful capture by pakisthan. If pakisthan continues this rogue nature soon it may face the consequence of being divided into three part.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth