The untold secrets of Jawaharlal Nehru University which India doesn’t know about!

How is JNU known to all? Or how many of them know what is JNU? Yes, the famous Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi which is been in the news for all the wrong reasons is one of India’s most talked University. But there is just one difference between JNU and other universities in the country, JNU is talked for anti National activities while all the other Universities are talked for education.

Most of the students if heard about Jawaharlal Nehru University, it is mostly because they are in news for anti National activities shouting slogans against India, against army and supporting terrorists like Afzal Guru and Yakub Menon.

From past two years, the JNU has become a synonym for anti Nationalism and anti India gang. One may wonder this is just happening after the Modi government took over in 2014. But the fact is, JNU has always been an incubator for polluting young minds against the country. The University has long been dominated by left ideologists and liberals of the lutyens club who always had vested interest in politics. It is well known fact that left ideologists has been a Congress supporter from decades. So it was easy for those people who have been followers of Gandhi-Nehru to survive in the JNU environment with an anti India agenda and ideology.

From decades, the University has only encouraged those students whose is more anti India and pro left. To be more clear JNU admissions follow a secret screening process for selection of candidates where in the students are asked a set of provocative and very bizarre question related to Islam, Hinduism, Kashmir problem, AFSPA in JK. So based on the answers given by the student, the candidates are selected.  This process is kept secret and not officially recorded. Mostly students of History, arts, literature and Social science branches are targeted.

For decades this process has developed a system with hard core leftist agenda and polluted student minds with not just anti India but also with anti Hindu sentiment.

Watch this!

This is the main reason why the students of AISA, SFI and other left wing organisations chant slogans against India and speak in a voice supporting terrorism. The professors and lecturers play a very crucial role in polluting the minds of students. There are many instances to show how professors of JNU have been caught provocating students to chant Azadi slogans and how they have been spewing venom against the Hindu religion and culture saying its a filth.

Watch professors instigating students!

Many internal reports from JNU show that teachers from many departments forcibly make people join these left organisations. Students doing PhD have confessed to have been threatened by their guides to support the cause of left wing organisations if they want their degree. Many students join these anti National organisations out of fear and pressure. The worst case is, many professors are said to have taken sexual favours from students. Most of these incidents are politically motivated and scripted by their political bosses.

Drug, sex, liquor and money are common trademark in the JNU campus. Many students reveal that after 10PM the University turns into a night club where you can see girls, drugs, liquor and money being flown everywhere.

Some say it is common that students are involved in sex rackets with JNU professors. There were reports that girls roam in the campus late nights wearing bikinis. Over one thousand boys and girls have been fined from Rs 2000/- to 5000/- for organizing such parties inside the campus last year. Sex workers are being hired in the campus and luring girls from JNU into the racket. There are 300 complaints in past one year for consumption of drugs (Marijuana), alcohol, intoxicants. Serious charges of rape, molestation against girls by left activists have been reported.  Anmol  Ratan, an AISA activist had raped an M Phil student recently and threatened her not to disclose the news.

JNU Student Who Raped a Girl Was Regular Panelist on NDTV!

The Sunday Guardian had reported in 2011, where sex and drug rackets were rampant in JNU. Although liquor and smoking is banned inside the campus, most students in JNU take pride in breaking the rules and dare the administration to arrest them.  JNU drinking hotspots are seen in Parthasarathy Rock, the water tank near Godavari Hostel. Ganja (afeem) and Weed (opium) is most commonly used in both JNU as it is easily available in nearby slums. But many students also buy heroin and cocaine. Anindya Dutta Gupta, a student also admitted that live-in relationships is a common practice in JNU campus and so SEX become inevitable.

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