The Untold Truth of 2002, Which No Media Ever Revealed!

2002! The year of unfortunate communal riots in Gujarat! The year, in which the fourth pillar of democracy, The Media packaged the Congress Crime as BJP’s! The year that saw a selective outrage at deaths of Muslims in the riots and turned the blind eye to the Hindus deaths! The year that saw the Paid Media playing judge and convicting Mr Narendra Modi , Chief Minister of Gujarat of murders committed by Congressmen! The year 2002, the eternal year of media coverage till date!

Well, let’s look into why the journalists like Barkha Dutt from NDTV and Rajdeep Sardesai have obsessively tried to hammer the viewers  with this “Two thousand two”  for one and half decades! Let’s look into the disparity between the actual facts of 2002 riots and their twisted versions of the paid media!

There have been far more gruesome communal riots in India than Gujarat riots of 2002! Anti-Sikh riots of 1984 in the Congress rule and by the Congressmen saw genocide of more than 8000 Sikh people and 20,000 people displaced! In 1990, Mass exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir valley is another blot in the Indian history. 8 lakh Kashmiri Pandits had to flee for life! Why haven’t we ever heard even a single mention of these and many other riots in India by the “2002” journalists? Why the selective outrage over 2002 riots but total silence on Godhra train carnage? Why ranting blame on Hindus for riots when it actually shouts Congress crime all over?

The reason is none other than Narendra Modi! Ex Chief Minister of Gujarat was a threat to the powerful political parties due to his spreading popularity as a future BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate! To nip this menace in the bud, a suicide bomber Ishrat Jahan was commissioned to assassinate him! In the late revelations of missing and tampered documents related to Ishrat Jahan case during Congress rule expose their involvement in the crime clearly!

The riots unfolded in Gujarat in 2002 had its roots into Ayodhya Ram Mandir-Babri Mosque issue! On 27th February, 2002, a train, Sabarmati Express was carrying Hindu passengers, mainly kar sevaks returning from a religious function in Ayodhya. It stopped at Godhra railway station where Muslims set the train ablaze, burning 70 people to death including 25 women and 25 children!

After Godhra incident, Hindus were enraged which resulted into subsequent violence killing in total 2000 people from both communities in the riots.

Following are the facts about 2002 riots about how it was controlled and its thorough investigation process!

    1. Then CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi sought army help within two days of the riots. Army took swift action and put the situation under control quickly! In fact it was the presence of mind of the CM which prevented the further damage.
  • The Nanawati Commission appointed by the Gujarat Government to probe the carnage concluded that “The burning of the coach S-6 was a pre-planned act!
    1. In February, 2011, the trail court convicted 31 people for conspiring murder calling the Godhra train incident the ‘pre-planned conspiracy’!
  • The Congress Connection – The Main key conspirators accused in Godhra train Carnage were all Congressmen! The arrested and convicted Congressmen were-Mastermind  Farooq Bhanna (Secretary of district Congress Committee), Salim Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh (President of the Panchmahal Youth Congress), Abdul Rehman Ghantia  and Haji Bilal (Congress workers)
  • One and the only case in the history where the sitting CM was grilled by CBI and was given clean chit.
  • Godhra has been the place of barbarous crimes against Hindus. Under Congress rule, there were 14 communal riots in Godhra  since independence
  • The Riots were investigated byThe Nanavati Commission (appointed by Gujarat State Government)
    1.  CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) and many more!
    2. SIT (Special Investigation Team) appointed by the Supreme Court.                           


  • Sanjiv Bhatt, the expelled ex-IPS officer who had filed a case on Narendra Modi for his alleged role in 2002 riots was proven totally fake and his allegation a fabricated theory by the highest court of the country. Supreme Court exposed Bhatt’s ‘unclean hands’ much to the dismay of anti-Modi brigade!
  • In his three terms as the CM of Gujarat, 2002 riots were the only riots in Gujarat! With economic upliftment, the communal disharmony vanished from the state! Muslims of Gujarat are one of the biggest supporters of Mr Modi!

The paid media chewed the chewing gum provided to them by their pay-masters! They are still chewing on it! The situation had been put under control in just 72 hours, but NDTV repeatedly kept on playing old incidents again and again. Then CM of Gujarat personally called the journalist of NDTV, Barkha Dutt to stop her irresponsible coverage! Barkha Dutt was trying to flare up the communal tensions at the border line in Gujarat by falsified news of temple demolition! Barkha is known throughout her career to leak sensitive information in the name of journalism!

Watch how Narendra Modi exposed ndtv and Barkha dutt!


In spite of clean chit to  Mr Modi by Supreme Court and other agencies, Sonia Gandhi called him “ Maut ka saudagar” which means “Chafferer of deaths”! But as they say, “Truth alone triumphs!”Truth triumphed gloriously when the people of India created a history in 2014 Loksabha elections! Satyameva Jayate!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi



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