An unusual request, this Kerala prison wants desi cows…know why!

Recently a brazen act of cruelty was done on the streets of Kerala when some vicious people slaughtered a cow in broad daylight and distributed its meat. They were under the impression that killing an innocent creature which could not even protect itself from these cruel people, was a ‘valiant’ act of protesting against the Government policies. Now in the same state of Kerala comes a very surprising news…

In Kasargod district of Kerala is the Cheemeni prison. In January this year, Shree Ramachandrapura Matha which works devotedly to the cause of Conservation, Protection and Propagation of the Indian Breed of Cows, had gifted 2 cows to the unit. Reportedly, when the cows were being handed over, a programme was held in the presence of the spiritual head of the Matha, Sri Raghaveshwara Swamiji, in which the cows were worshipped.

At that time, reportedly, the state government received a complaint from certain quarters, alleging that Mr. V G Suresh, the Jail Superintendent had allowed to perform worship of the cow and he was therefore suspended. At the time, advocate and BJP district president, K Srikant, said that this reflected the anti-Hindu stance of the left front government led by Pinarayi Vijayan and he criticized those who view every ritual of Hindus from communal angle. He had pointed out that the government had not spent anything for cow worship, and the cows were given to the jail as gift. He also said that the government has been making arrangements for talks by Muslim scholars and Christian priests inside jails in the state. “The government, which does not find fault with these, has been deriding only Hindu observations and rituals”, he said. Former chief minister, Shri Achutanandan also had termed the Gou-Puja as wrong.

Now the same Cheemeni Open Prison in Kasargod district has requested Shree Ramachandrapura Mathaof Uttara Kannada to provide 18 cows of Malnad Gidda variety, a dwarf breed, found in the Ghat areas of Karnataka. They want to convert the barren land in the prison into fertile farming land.Most of the land is full of rocks and laterite soil which is not fit for agriculture. To convert it into a fertile land, the prison is going to adopt ancient method of fertilising it by dumping cow dung and leaf litter.The prison has a huge area of 308 acres and about 180 prisoners are interested in agriculture related works.

Ramachandra Ajjakana of the Matha, said “We gifted two cows in January 2017 and now the remaining cows will be sent soon.” The same Kerala prisons and correctional services department which suspended the Jail Superintendent, has given permission to get additional cows on the premises.Welfare officer of Cheemeni Open Prison Shiv Prasad said prisons and correctional services department has given permission to take 18 cows from the Kamadugha Project of the Shree Matha. “As of now, we have plans of undertaking only agriculture and we will market the agriculture products under the name of ‘Jeevanamruta’. In the future, we have plans to produce fertilisers by using cow dung and urine. Our inmates are also rearing goats, rabbits, poultry and many more,” he added.

When the world is now openly accepting the utility of the Indian breed of Cows to mankind, should we just look at the Cow as meat? The Indigenous breed of Cows are NOT a burden but a real wealth to us … let us work towards protecting them and make use of not just their milk, but urine and dung too.

Jai Hind !!!VandeMataram !!!

Rati Hegde