Uri Martyrs Vs Sukma Martyrs- What’s the strategy of PM Modi this time?

Infliction of Army deaths don’t heal! They leave an endless agony in the hearts of countrymen! With moistened eyes, compatriots watch their funerals on Television!  Caskets covered in Tricolors….21 Gun Salute…. Inconsolable mothers, stunned young widows, clueless young children ….. Bring a Tsunami of emotions in our minds….Heartache, Anger, Respect, Pride, Patriotism …..

Since yesterday, Indians are grieving over the Martyrdom of our 26 CRPF personnel who were killed in the encounter with Maoists earlier on Monday that took place in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma. The attack was as cowardly as Uri attack. The Maoists had pressurized the locals to work as their ally by alerting them about the CRPF Jawans’ movements. 300 Naxalites showered bullets on a team of CRPF Personnel which was having a lunch. Caught unawares, our jawans proved easy targets for Maoists.

Just last week, heart-breaking video of CRPF Jawans slapped ,kicked and heckled by Kashmiri goons made rounds on the SM and MSM. Now Maoists killed them like sitting ducks. There is an extreme anger among Indians for those kashmiri goons and those contemptible Maoists who dared defy the State Law and Order system by such a huge step. It is almost like mocking our Defence system.

‘The Urban Naxalites’ sitting in the air-conditioned news studios are shamelessly giving platform to the Naxalites Support System to put forth their point of view, This is the same way Barkha Dutt and Rana Ayyub rant for stone pelters of Kashmir. PM Modi had wiped out our tears for Uri Martyrs by the historic surgical strike. I wish PM Modi executes another surgical strike, this time on the internal enemies….on the Nexus of Separatists, Maoists, Congress and Communists, Intellectuals and Paid Media. The scoundrel students and Professors in JNU need to be thrashed too.

Though during last two years, the Maoist killings have come down, people have huge expectations from PM Modi. Its high time PM Modi takes uncompromising actions on these lawless murderers.

Year Naxal Attack Casualties
2011 1760 611
2012 1415 415
2013 1136 397
2014 1091 310
2015 1089 230
2016 1048 278
2017 (Till 31st March) 250 80


The following figures fill us with hope that these Naxal activities can be wiped away totally.

Year Affected Districts Affected States
2010 196 20
2011 203 20
2012 198 18
2013 182 20
2014 161 16
2015 106 10
2016 106 10


From 2010 to 2016, the states affected by Naxal activities have reduced from 20 to 10. We appeal to PM Modi to conclude their journey from 10 to 0.

Let’s check the number of Encounters of Maoists carried out by our Army. The figures are conclusive of the fact that there is a need to push our Army to conduct many more encounters to eradicate this disease called Maoism.

Year Number of Encounters
2011 223
2012 216
2013 218
2014 221
2015 247
2016 328
2017 (Till 31st March) 61


Check the year wise loss of our precious soldiers since 2005.

Year Martyred Soldiers
2005 150
2006 128
2007 118
2008 214
2009 312
2010 277
2011 128
2012 104
2013 111
2014 87
2015 57
2016 66
2017 (Till 31st March) 58


These distressing figures tell us that we have lost 1810 Army/CRPF Personnel to these insurgent murderers. PM Modi, we understand that during your regime, the killings have reduced to two digits from three digits of Congress Era. But after surgical strike, you have set our expectations very high.We are not ready to sacrifice a single soldier’s life for these internal enemies. It is up to you to take the course of action-Internal Surgical Strike or Pest Control. If not you, who else!

Maoists pose a greater danger to us as they have spread their web across the country. Locate their support system, cut off their funding sources. Let them famish and surrender like they did post Demonetization. Don’t bother about the whining Paid Media/ Urban Naxalites / Human Rights Peddlars or Opposition! We are with you in this! PM Sir, you owe this to our Jawans as much as to those Tribal Villagers exploited and harassed by Maoists!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi


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