‘Uri’ movie done as a tribute to the surgical strike heroes termed Toxic-Hyper Nationalism by liberals!

The Uri surgical strike was one of the most daring acts of the Indian soldiers who crossed the border and not just demolished the terror launch pad, but gave clear signals to Pakistan that it would not tolerate nonsense anymore.

The para special forces literally broke the spine of Pakistan and woke them up with a message  to collect their terrorists bodies lying dead. It was indeed the most proud moment for India which had shown the world its real capacity. But along with Pakistanis, there were few people in India who were very sad after the surgical strike. They were the fake liberals and seculars whose hearts bleeds for Pakistan.

Even though its been 2 years since the incident, each Indians remembers the day of Surgical strike every year and salute the brave soldiers for their daring act. As a tribute to their sacrifice and courage, a movie called URI is being released which highlights the efforts of the soldiers who struck terrorists.

But the pseudo liberal website Live Wire has mocked the Uri Movie calling it a Toxic and Hyper-nationalism. The movie dialogue says, We are introduced to a ‘Naya Hindustan’ where India is set to teach Pakistan a lesson through violence and bloodshed. The tone further builds up when soldiers shout “Jai Hind” as their leader blurts, “They want Kashmir and we want their heads!”

But the Liver Wire has described the patriotic spirit and Nationalism dialogues as……

From a blaring background score to beast-like soldiers who want nothing but the enemy’s blood, this war film is another addition to several other military dramas that are cashing in on our contemporary hyper-nationalism.

Our love for the military has apparently paved way for a commercial market that feeds on this emotion and also amplifies it. From films to advertisements to random everyday products, everything is about our love for the soldiers and national pride. As consumers, we are just getting carried away by such messages without really thinking about the kinds of intolerance we’re encouraging and internalising.

After a series of surgical-strike based ad campaigns, a full-fledged three-hour film on a contested, highly politicised and acrimonious issue is only going to stoke the already-rising flames of toxic hyper-nationalism.

It is sad that these so called liberals would rather support terrorists over our soldiers. They should feel ashamed that they are supporting those terrorists who indiscriminately  killed 18 of our soldiers when they were sleeping.

If this is their intention and mindset, how do they expect them to be called Nationalists? they deserve to be called anti Nationals.

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