US is about to provide India, a rare defense technology which is only reserved for close allies…Pakistan you better watch out this time!!!

Pakistan should think then! If the US is ready to hand over the defence technology to India in order to build a strong alliance, then Pakistan should think twice before taking any decision against the nation. So, China! Both these countries thought that India will never rise again and they could easily conquer it one day! But, day by day, their dreams of occupying the lands of India is fading now!

Well, on Wednesday, the US has announced that it would transfer critical defence technology to India and conduct a tri-services exercise with the country’s armed forces as part of a “2+2” meeting likely to take place in May.

US envoy to India Kenneth Juster who is projecting bolstered defence ties between America and India has said that “the US would transfer to India technology that it was yet to share with any country. Speaking at a US-India Business Council seminar on the first day of DefExpo-18 in Thiruvidanthai, Juster said ties between New Delhi and Washington are “sending a strong signal” to other countries.

The US has designated India as a major defence partner and it is significant in many respects. The US Congress supports India on both sides of the aisle outlining the objectives of the 2+2 meet, which will have two representatives from each side,” he added.

Times of India reported that the defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman joined the US ambassador to stress the importance of strategic ties between both the countries.

Juster said that “the US would offer India defence technology with a focus on a jet fighter platform and transfer of technology.  And, then it would enable India to build an entire ecosystem for companies to produce jet fighters in this country. And, it is clear that the US-India defence relationship is not something that is going to last a few days.”

Earlier in February, Juster has claimed that “US defence companies are already investing in India, producing components for complex defence systems. Our Defence Technology and Trade initiative and the US designation of India as a major defence partner are designed to strengthen our defence cooperation, including opportunities in co-development and co-production.”

He further urged, “We understand that India is projected to spend around 150 billion USD in this sector (defence) over the next 10-15 years, so the opportunity is enormous,” the American diplomat claimed, adding that India’s purchase of US defence equipment had touched nearly 15 billion USD in a decade.”

“Accelerating the economic and regulatory reform process already begun by Prime Minister Modi will help ensure that India is seen as an increasingly efficient, transparent and well-regulated market. Opening India’s market further to US trade and investment will spur our collaboration on many emerging technologies that will drive and protect our economies, including those related to advanced manufacturing and cybersecurity.” He added.

Interestingly, according to the reports of Firstpost, last year of June, The US is interested in providing India with the kind of defence technology it normally reserves for its closest allies, the White House has said, signalling the Trump administration’s resolve to strengthen the bilateral defence relationship.

As the Firstpost reported, “I will simply note that the defence relationship is extremely important. The US is interested in leaning forward in providing high technology, the kind of technology it provides to its closest allies and partners. We’re looking for a very productive visit. These kinds of sales that we’re talking about are important for the strategic partnership, for cooperating in areas like the Indian Ocean region, increasing that cooperation, serving the interests of both countries,” the senior administration official has said.

So, it is almost clear that the US is showing keen interest to build a bilateral relationship with India and it is believed that, the US is interested to spread its technology to India so that it could build a strong alliance with the nation.

Source : defenceaviationpost.com


Prithu Agnihotri