US researchers claim ‘Beef ban’ can mitigate climate change

Whatever great discoveries and inventions done by Indians are nowadays slammed by our own people saying it as a superstitious practice. But can we listen to what US researchers say. They said that cow slaughter can reduce global warming.

Four Amererican Universities formed a team to research regarding cow slaughter and its effects on the environment. The reports of the research was surprising. These researchers said that if beef is banned and beans are consumed then Green House Gasses (GHG) can be greatly reduced which is responsible for climate change. But in India few eat beef just because it is a holly animal to a community.

Helen Harwatt of California’s Loma Linda University (LLU) headed the team of researchers. Finally they said that if Americans eat beans instead of beef, then 50 to75 percent of the target to  reduce GHG will be achieved easily for the year 2020. They also said that there is no need to impose any new standards if this is followed strictly.

What a simple suggestion isn’t it? There is no need to shed massive funds to reduce Green House Gasses; there is no need to sign several treaties among nations to curb GHG. But in India few will cry that the right to eat what one want is been denied.

Since years many had said that green houses gasses can be reduced by a planned diet. But this has not been focused in any of the climate change policies.

Substituting beans for beef could achieve 46 to74 per cent of the reductions needed to meet the 2020 GHG target for the US. In turn, this shift would free up 42 per cent of US cropland. This was highlighted in the 10 page report published in the Journal Climatic Change. The researchers also said that they performed a relatively simple analysis to calculate the difference in GHGs resulting from the replacement of beef with beans in terms of both calories and protein.

Legumes produce 1/40th of GHGs when compared to beef.  Beef is most GHG-intensive food.         

More than a third of Americans are currently purchasing meat substitutes that resemble like animal food in taste and texture. So a trend is noticed where animal meat is no longer a necessity. The researchers say that the substitution of beef with beans can be a highly successfully initiative. Along with it, to reduce the GHG in US, all the major emitters like power generation or transportation sector also should participate effectively by taking necessary steps, the report adds.

Source: Sanskriti  Magazine

Vikrant Raj