US Security Aren’t Fools to Detain Shahrukh Khan for No Reason

It”™s not the first time that Shahrukh Khan has been detained in the US airport. It becomes a mega news break in all Indian channels and Shahrukh Khan always tries to play a victim card. While thousands of diplomats travel to US regularly why only SRK is detained every time? If it”™s just once, we may consider it a mistake, but not always. US unlike India have a very strict international policy and security measures.

US security agencies aren”™t irresponsible to detain a high profiled person for no reason.  According to few internal sources, US intelligence has one of the most sophisticated information regarding every VIPs, terrorists, Prime Ministers, Presidents of the world. A place called Fort Meade near Washington is a “FORT” which maintains and records every call details and communications received and sent by terrorists and most wanted people. Any movement and communication with these people are immediately reported to the security agencies.

It is a well-known fact that you cannot survive in Bollywood and become a “BADSHAH” without Big Daddy”™s support. And this Big Daddy is none other than Dawood Ibrahim ….The most wanted man in India. Subramanian Swamy who is known to have some of the most hidden information says that SRK”™s contacts with some of the most wanted people may be one of the reason for his detention every time.

The detention during 2012 in New York Airport was not for fun, the real reason behind this was because intelligence agencies had found close link between Shahrukh Khan and General Zaheerul Islam. Wondering who is General Zaheerul Islam?? YES he is none other than Ex-ISI Chief of Pakistan.


Let us consider for a minute US police were wrong and detained him on false information. Why didn’t SRK outrage against the US government calling it INTOLERANCE?? Not once, not twice he was detained thrice but all he could do was tweet like a headless chicken!

Imagine if he was to be detained by Indian security agencies, the whole secular media and pseudo-liberals would have scripted another episode of INTOLERANCE maligning India in international level. The entire film fraternity would have pounded on Indian government, especially Modi and called it attack on MINORITIES. Where are all these people now? Where is SRK”™s cyber army who are well known for trending abusive tags?? Will he disclose what information was clarification was asked by the police? Why didn’t Shahrukh Khan try his luck using the great dialogue…My NAME IS KHAN and I”™M NOT A TERRORIST.

SRK knows his fake victim games have no value in US, they aren”™t Indian politicians to put their country”™s security at stake for votes.

In US he understands he”™s not above LAW, will he think the same in INDIA too??

Mr.Khan next time you visit America make sure you haven”™t called any underworld agent or ISI chief and play the victim card.

Aishwarya S