USA trusts Indian EVMs! US State Department says “Confident about fairness, integrity of Indian elections”

The grand alliance has failed in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and even their EVM conspiracy theories have failed big time. The Congress party and the other opposition parties had tried its best to fool the people that EVMs are either hacked or swapped. But none seemed to buy their fictional theories.

And now even the United States has announced that they trust the 2019 Lok Sabha election procedures and expressed their full faith in it. The United States’ State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said, “I would say from the US perspective, we are very confident in the fairness and the integrity of the Indian elections, and we will obviously work with whoever is the victor and whatever the outcome is there”.

She added, “We have a very strong relationship and a lot of cooperation with the Indian government on a full range of issues, and the Secretary (of State, Mike Pompeo) has said numerous times that we have a true strategic partner in India”.

She also praised the 1.31 billion Indians saying “Someone pointed this out to me today that India’s election is the largest exercise in democracy in human history. I think with everything going on in the world, that’s a thing that we can pause and think about and certainly commend the Indian people”.

This statement has proved like a massive embarrassment for the opposition parties of India. Earlier this year, the Congress party tried to claim that EVMs were hacked in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. To prove this, they had roped in even a masked man, but this paid stunt made no impact in India.

Even the former Election Commission of India’s chief Navin Chawla had said that EVMs can’t tamper. He had said, “I firmly believe that EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) are very good machines and cannot be manipulated”.