Using dynamites, Rs 100 crore bungalow of Diamond Don Nirav Modi demolished in Maharashtra

In a praise worthy decision, diamond Don Nirav Modi’s sea-facing bungalow in Maharashtra’s Alibaugwas was demolished with a huge quantity of explosives on 8th March. The grand bungalow was worth over Rs 100 crore and was brought down with the dynamites.

Nirav Modi’s 33,000 square foot luxurious bungalow was built illegally as it violated coastal regulation zone (CRZ) norms and the state’s regulations. The Rs 100 crore worth bungalow’s foundation was so strong that it would have taken months to destroy if heavy machinery was deployed by the authorities, so dynamites were used. A report said “Excavators were used to drill into the thick concrete pillars of the bungalow to make space for fixing the detonators. A technical team was then called in to install the explosives”.

Have a look at the drone clipping that shows the demolition of Nirav Modi’s bungalow:

“The bungalow was built partly as a ground-plus-one structure and has a driveway, high metal fencing and a huge security gate. It includes a swimming pool, resort-like slides and expensive fittings. Situated at Kihim beach, over 90 km from Mumbai, it was declared illegal along with 58 other structures that flouted all environmental norms” said a report.

Nirav Modi’s  Alibaug Bungalow Built In Violation Of Law To Be Blown Up Using Dynamite Today

A non-profit NGO by the name Shamburaje Yuva Kranti had filed a public interest litigation (PIL) in the Bombay High Court. Raigad additional collector, Bharat Shitole said “The controlled blasting is being done to bring down the structure, we have identified the pillars, and cavities are being created to plant dynamite into those which will be used for blasting and bringing down the structure. Before that we had to remove the glass panes, walls and windows in the structure which is being carried out today”.

Nirav Modi is absconding from India after his Rs 13,000 crore scam in Punjab National Bank was exposed. Later on when the probe got intensified, it got clear that huge amount of loan was granted to this man during the Congress tenure. But when Nirav Modi realized that the Modi government will take strict action against him, he along with his uncle Mehul Choksi fled from India to foreign nations.

Hansika Raj