Using Santa Claus, Congress social media head Ramya tried to troll “PM Modi and team” in a cheap manner!!! But she was ripped apart for the bizarre statement

EVM was hacked using bluetooth

Indian National Congress party has a peculiar skill of playing dirty politics whenever it is in the losing end. “EVM, EVM, EVM” is the new mantra used by the Congress party to cover up its mistakes. Soon after the first phase of Gujarat elections, the mouth-piece journalists of Congress started to shout that EVMs are hacked using bluetooth.

“Complaint from @INCIndia that in @arjunmodhwadia constituency EVMs picking up Bluetooth signals, showing possibility of network hacking”. This was how Sagarika Ghose spearheaded the logicless attack on BJP.

The new addition to this campaign was the social media head of Congress party, actress cum politician Divya Spanda. She has a history of attacking PM Modi and BJP with distorted facts and in return was bashed brutally by the public.

Months ago, she was praised for the so-called revival of Rahul Gandhi on Twitter using fake twitter account from Russia and Kazakhstan. As Ramya got the scent of defeat in the state of Gujarat, she started to shift the blame on EVMs and rescue the 47-year-old youth icon and the newly elected Congress President, Mr Rahul Gandhi.

In a bid to insult and troll PM Modi’s BJP, she exposed her party’s reality and that is the defeat which the Congress is going to face. Have a look at the tweet of Ramya.

Her tweet mentions that BJP is unable to win the election without tampering the EVMs. Except mocking PM Modi’s BJP she didn’t even bother to support her cheap claims with evidence.

It didn’t take much time to get bashed from the responsible citizens of India. 

A user just read the minds of every Congress support. Yes, the supporters wanted to see Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime Minister of India which is never possible.

Was Ramya made the social media head of Congress only to make such cheap memes?

According to Ramya’s logic, if the seats gained by BJP is less, than it is a victory for democracy but in case Congress and its allies lose pathetically, than the EVMs must be blamed. This blame game was not found when BJP lost in Delhi. This blame game was not found when BJP got lesser seats in Manipur. Even in the recently held goa state assembly, the EVMs were working fine according to Congress.

But the EVMs were tampered in the Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand elections according to Congress.

Looking at Congress social media head, Ramya’s tweet, smart people did nothing other than rolling over the floor and laughing.

Rahul Gandhi boasted that gold can be manufactured using the potato. Now Ramya is trying to defeat her boss in giving out blundered statements.

According to Congress’ logic, there are two types of EVMs. This twitterati explains it fabulously.

There are two kinds of EVMs – Honest and dishonest.
Honest: Delhi, Punjab, WB, Karnataka,…
Dishonest: Wherever Modi wins

“When Election commission called for open challenge regarding EVM that time why your party can’t make EVM faults”. This proves that EVMs are working fine but the minds of Congress supporters are tampered with.

Hansika Raj