Using the pencil box, 8- year old kid punctures Rahul Gandhi’s lies on Rafale deal

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is blatantly repeating his lies on Rafale. Even after the Supreme Court verdict the Congress President is shamelessly propagating those lies. He is raising the same issue again and again and wasting the time of the Parliament

This 40- year old rich brat didn’t even understand the basics of the deal and is crying like a 2 years old child.
Here’s an attempt by 8- year old child to make the Congress President understand the simple details of Rafale deal.

The child took two sets of pencil boxes, out of which one is empty and the other one is filled with stationery. She picks up the first of two pencil boxes which is empty and says that it’s Rahul Gandhi’s Rafale fighter – indicating a base (non-weaponised) aircraft, quoting a price of Rs 720 crore. She then picks up the other pencil box, which is full of stationery and says this is Modiji’s plane adding that it’s packed with advanced technology and weaponry, quoting its price as Rs 1600 crore.

After explaining she concludes that “Rahul Gandhi does not even understand this simple thing that one is the basic price and other is a price lassed with high end technologies”.The little child has explained very beautifully the concept of Rafale to the Congress President. Hope he gets some brains and can understand this.

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has hailed a newfound ally’s efforts to explain to Rahul Gandhi the intricacies of the Rafale deal over which the Congress President has made repeated but highly superficial allegations of scam.

In response to the youngster’s video, the Raksha Mantri has tweeted her gratitude and extended her wishes for her to fly one of them as a trained IAF fighter pilot.

Day before Congress President Rahul Gandhi was slammed by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the Parliament. Both the leaders have torn apart Congress President in such a way that he was left with nothing other than running from the ongoing session of the Parliament.
Ofcourse he has to run only as he has no facts to support his baseless allegations and claims. It is just a mere bundle of lies being floated by him

The Congress President even after being slammed so many times is raising this matter again and again just to spread lies and create hype around the people that something is fishy and Modi Government is cheating. The sole aim of the party is to come in power and it doesn’t even think how it is weakening the ties and disgracing the nation at international level. All the allegations levelled by the Congress are baseless and just for political mileage. Now this shameful campaign of Congress must end. It is enough now and people should be wise enough to not move away their eyes from the truth

Source: Republic World