Uttar Pradesh Congress Chief Makes the Most Disgraceful Comment on Dalit Women!

In a brief interview, Congress’ Uttar Pradesh Chief Raja Ram Pal was asked by a journalist as to why Rahul Gandhi sleeps & eats at Dalits houses but doesn’t do anything for their welfare. To this the Congress chief replied, “Dalits are in our hearts.” But not before long he blurted out something that is a disgrace not only to the man himself, but to the Congress leadership including the Gandhis. He went on to say, “There is not a single Dalit woman who hasn’t been to our house, to our bedroom.”

Such despicable language shows the mentality of the leaders that Congress has in the state. They clearly see Dalit women as mere objects meant for gratification & nothing more. It is a sad irony that the party which has for decades claimed that it is a ‘messiah for the poor’ speaks such language. The question also arises – If the party’s state chief speak in this fashion, what must be the mindset of the workers on ground? After all, subordinates behave the way their superiors do.

Although it goes without saying that Rahul Gandhi will not take any action against the man (for that to happen one has to abuse Rahul personally). We saw the same before Lok Sabha elections when a Muslim leader of Congress in Saharanpur said that he would ‘chop Modi into pieces’, but that very leader continues to not only be an integral part but as well as an upcoming leader in the party’s state unit. Also what would be interesting to see is how much the mainstream media runs this news because generally the media tends to ‘let go’ of controversies if they don’t involve the BJP or a state run by the BJP.


Vinayak Jain