Uttar Pradesh fire-brand CM Yogi Adityanath says ‘Backward classes should regard themselves as descendent of Maharana Pratap’!!!

The Mughal ruler Akbar, who is projected great by the leftist historians with an agenda to denigrate Hindu rulers. This mughal ruler has no match against Maharana Pratap in any way. This statement is once again justified by the Uttar Pradesh CM when asked about the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, backward communities to regard themselves as Maharana’s descendent and said that these were the tribes that made Pratap great!

While addressing a RSS gathering to mark the Mewar king’s celebrations, the Yogi Adityanath said that “Mughal emperor Akbar was not great and that only 16th century Mewar king Maharana Pratap was. Pratap’s persistence in winning back his forts after years of fight in the Aravalli hills and his refusal to accept Akbar as king”.

Talking about the 1576 Haldighati battle, he said “that Maharana Pratap fought it for several years in the hills of Aravalli and ultimately won back his forts. He set an example of bravery as the fight was not for a day but went on for years. He proved his greatness over Akbar by winning back his fort by maintaining his self-respect”.

Akbar asked Maharana Pratap to accept him as ‘badshah’ & that then he won’t interfere in his kingdom Mewar. Maharana Pratap said we can’t accept a ‘vidharmi’ & a foreigner as our ruler. Maharana proved it wasn’t Akbar, but he who was great, by winning back his forts: UP CM (14.6)

Adityanath said the Mewar ruler did not accept the Mughal emperor asking as he was a “Turk who could not be trusted”.

“Akbar had asked Pratap to accept him as the king and promised in return that he would not interfere in the affairs of his kingdom of Mewar. He said even Jaipur king Man Singh came as a messenger but Pratap refused. Pratap had said that he would not accept a foreigner as a king, as he will hurt their self-respect in the garb of friendship. Pratap stood against everyone who put their own self respect at stake to accept Akbar as king”, he added.

The UP CM rightly linked this historical example to present times, where some people are ready to disturb their own society, culture and country even today for their benefits. He added that they then suffer damage.He further added that it was the Dalits, backward and Vanvasi who became the strength of Maharana Pratap and help him fight his battles.

If he makes one statement regarding our history, does it mean he’s not concentrating on the future or not doing his work? The people of Uttar Pradesh are the real witness to the fact that Yogi Adityanath has served every bit of the state. None can point out at him that he has not served justice to his post. He has been successful in ending up corruption and establishing a safe and peaceful state.

Source: Republic World